Washington State Legislator tells people to move to Mississippi if they want lower taxes

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In one of the snarkiest remarks from a state legislator we’ve ever seen, Washington State Democrat Sam Hunt responded to a constituent by telling him to “move to Mississippi” if he wanted lower taxes. And he said that BEFORE the Senate voted to raise them. Interesting isn’t it?  Did he already know the highway legislation was going to pass?


It all started with the #NoNewTaxes campaign in Washington State. [Please feel free to join in the fight – that hashtag is catching on across the nation.] Rep. Graham Hunt (R) has been actively seeking a reduction in state spending and promoting a #NoNewTaxes campaign focused on fiscal responsibility. He is the opposite of Sam Hunt – Graham is a Conservative Republican, the other is apparently, a snarky liberal Democrat.

The plan by Democrats to hike the gas tax, among other items, has people pounding on the doors of legislators. And on Sunday, The WA Senate passed legislation to increase those taxes, even though studies have shown that they are not needed.

The state of Washington does not collect an income tax for  individuals. But its other taxes- property, license tabs, sales tax, (even a syrup tax), gas etc. make up the difference. Property taxes in Washington State make up about 30% of the budgets for state and local governments. They already have high gas prices compared to the region around them. The highway legislation passed on Sunday will raise the Washington state gas tax by 11 to 12 cents.

The long distances driven in the state may create havoc for commuters. The House will vote on the bill Tuesday.

Snark not appreciated by voters

Rep Sam Hunt‘s, remark to business owner Fred Pack was not well received. Instead of a dialogue about the proposed tax hikes, Mr. Pack received a what he  described  as a “sophisticated, erudite, and genteel reply”…and went on to remind Sam Hunt that the voters would decide his fate in the next election.

Sam apparently has decided that he is above the voters, a view shared by most democrats in America. His reference to Mississippi reveals an insulting view of their state as well. Who does he think he is?

Taxes continue to rise across the nation. Whether it’s Obamacare hikes, or  increases in taxes from state budgets, voters are becoming  frustrated.  Legislators are supposed to be there for the good of the people, but the crushing weight of taxes has many worried. In the state of Washington, a handful of veterans and others stand against the continuing agenda of raising those taxes.

We wish them well in the fight.  Perhaps they can assist Sam Hunt in finding a new line of work on Election day.

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