Washington Post Ludicrous Obituary: “Austere Religious Scholar”

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While the majority of the nation celebrates the death of a ruthless terrorist leader, messed up liberal narratives are much different. Some have suggested Trump committed “war crimes.” The Washington Post ludicrous obituary on Al-Baghdadi ended with a headline that read “an austere religious scholar dead at 48,” after they changed it twice – which invoked a riotous Twitter response.

Sean Hannity took on the Washington Post:

“An ‘austere religious scholar’? ‘Dead at 48’? No—he was cornered by the greatest, toughest, best military heroes on earth!! How about we killed the evil SOB. This is exactly why America will never trust these mainstream corrupt fake news outlets ever again.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also weighed in (Fox):

“I think it’s appalling and sick … that they’ve frankly not apologized for taking this man who was the head of the terrorist organization that beheaded people… who led a caliphate that threatened large pieces of the Middle East and indeed, presented risks to the United States and America. The fact that a national newspaper would describe this person as an “austere scholar” in their headline — in the immediate aftermath of the achievements of President Trump and the administration, is truly appalling.”

The left simply can’t bring themselves to give President Trump credit for anything, even though they fell all over themselves to give Obama credit for killing bin Laden. Al-Baghdadi murdered, raped, beheaded, enslaved thousands of people… and they come up with “religious scholar?”

They’ve griped about Trump’s choice of words (died like a dog” – “died like a coward” etc) about al-Baghdadi, calling them abusive. They were careful, methodically chosen words on purpose to tear down the persona of the ISIS leader in the eyes of his followers. The words were pure genius, and exhibited a knowledge of jihadists that apparently has been lost on liberals. They refuse to give Trump credit for anything.


Meanwhile, the Twitter response to the obituary headline was classic, and caused the hashtag #WaPoDeathNotices. At least some people in America still have a sense of humor.

“Democracy Dies in- wait a second has the Post lost its damn mind?” Buck Sexton

WaPo hasn’t had a mind for almost three years now, Mr. Sexton.


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