Warrior Weekend Survival- Redneck Olympics in Colorado

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Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’s Rick Ferran got back last week from Warrior Weekend Redneck Olympics in Colorado. Maybe he had too much fun being a team leader…what do you think?

The weekend was an event for Beyond the Battlefield, the John Tiegen Foundation.

Rick shares this:

The rafting was incredible! It was the second time rafting since the Marine Corps, but in a more relaxed environment. I was stunned by the majestic landscape of the Colorado Rocky mountains — they pull you in. There’s so much history, the oil pipe line that was built by prisoners and the mines…they take you on a mental journey to the past.

Our raft had the MOH Don Jenkins, so we made sure we did not tip over even though we had a few close calls. We also had an awesome guide. One of the highlights of this event was hanging out with Don Jenkins and hearing his story of courage and bravery under fire.

At the retirement center

We visited the Veteran’s retirement center and had the pleasure of speaking to many Veterans. It was a humbling experience.

John and Margaret Tiegen

Tank and crew in the helo

So much work was put in by the volunteers, but Margaret Tiegen (Tig’s wife) ran the show. She was super awesome making sure everything was where it was needed and everyone was having a blast.

Winner SSgt Mark Robinson with John and Margaret Tiegen

The winner of the Redneck Olympics was Mark Robinson, Tig’s former platoon SSgt from 3/7. He’s an awesome patriot and none more deserving of the award. The Redneck Olympics has many great sponsors, KAHR Firearms being just one, with many more.

Met many wounded veterans, got to hang out with Dave Bray USA, and on Friday night we got to listen to Tig’s story of the event that happened in Benghazi. It was completely different from the book or the movie and showed us a different perspective.

Saturday was for fun, good food, shooting and drinks from Rocky Mountain Brewery. Rick Ferran

He thoroughly enjoyed himself! Can you tell?

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