Warfighters in Trouble: President Trump Intervenes

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Matt Golsteyn, Clint Lorance, and Eddie Gallagher – all are US warfighters in trouble. Now, President Trump has made it clear that he intends to take “imminent action” in their cases. He was to meet with Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy over the two Army veterans, and has reportedly also taken action on Gallagher.

The warfighters in trouble that are in consideration are:

1st Lt Clint Lorance

Army 1st Lt Clint Lorance languishes in Leavenworth prison on a 20 year sentence because he ordered his men to neutralize a threat. Three Taliban on a motorcycle that were later found to be bomb-makers and tested positive for explosives were shot dead by Lorance’s team. Lorance took full responsibility for the incident. And his team suddenly decided to testify against him. If that sounds familiar…

Maj Mathew Golsteyn

Army Green Beret Major Mathew Golsteyn also killed a suspected Taliban bomb-maker. When the man who outed the man as the bomb maker who killed two Marines and wounded others expressed concern over threats to his family, Golsteyn killed the bomb-maker to prevent the villager from being killed along with his entire family.

War is a different ballgame. There is no time to play nice with the enemy. Your life and that of your team depends on swift decisions when things don’t seem right. Golsteyn has been under investigation since 2011 even after the case was closed with no charges in 2015.  A second investigation opened in 2016, could leave Golsteyn in prison for life. He’s already had his Silver Star and Special Forces tab rescinded.

Reopening the investigation after it was closed smacks of a malicious prosecution. And of course, it also seems to be a pattern in military prosecutions, as well as Federal ones against military contractors.

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher

warfighters in trouble

Navy Chief Eddie Gallagher and his team pose with the dead ISIS fighter. Only Gallagher was charged. (Screenshot via KUSI)

Gallagher was acquitted of the main charges against him – the murder of an ISIS fighter. He was found guilty of 1 count of posing with the body of the dead militant. The standard punishment is 4 months in the brig. The malicious actions of the prosecution in his case were so high-profile that the President often became involved.

The Chief Naval Officer (CNO) agreed that Gallagher’s rank should be reduced. President Trump reportedly restored his rank to a Chief Petty Officer on Monday according to the Navy Times. The rank reduction would have cost Gallagher $200,000 in retirement funds.

“It doesn’t have to be a pardon or a commutation. It could be, but pardons and commutations imply guilt, that you’ve done something wrong and you need to be forgiven for that. The president, as the commander-in-chief, has a lot of latitude under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to dismiss a case or change a sentence. From what I understand, that is likely what will happen here shortly.” Pete Hegseth, Fox News

The exact nature of the announcements are set to be released before Veteran’s Day. Of all the Presidents we have elected over the last decades, this one has demonstrated by his actions that he cares about our warfighters. Obama spent more time tearing them down and watering down military leadership.

Featured photo left to right: Clint Lorance, Mathew Golsteyn, Eddie Gallagher


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