War of Words- Wilson vs Trump, Wilson vs Kelly- Gold Star Wife Brings Truth

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The furor over President Trump’s phone call to a Gold Star wife seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, thanks to Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), who claimed President Trump was disrespectful and insensitive to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. Then she had the audacity to disrespect General John Kelly- a Gold Star Father- by telling people that “he’d say anything” and even said that he lied after he gave a speech calling her out for listening in on a private phone call. She even called herself a “rock star” after the hubbub. She politicized something that General Kelly called sacred: the death of a fallen warrior. A different Gold Star wife released her private conversation with the President to show his compassion. It should have stopped the fracas, but it didn’t.

Did the General  get one of his statements wrong? Yes he did. She didn’t exactly talk about herself getting the money for the FBI building in Florida in 2015. You can listen to her speech in this article from the Sun-Sentinel. But was it a lie or was that simply his perception at the time? She took a portion of a conversation and used it to bash the President when he – out of compassion – called the wife of a fallen soldier, and that was HER perception at the time.

The truth about Donald Trump and the phone calls he has been making:

Natasha De Alencar, Gold Star wife of Special Forces Staff Sgt Mark De Alencar released a recording of her phone call from President Trump- and it showed how compassionate he actually is to Gold Star families.

“It was a moment of niceness that we needed because we were going through hell.” Natasha De Alencar

There should be some common ground in this ridiculous battle. Our soldiers died in a combat situation. They were soldiers, sons, husbands, and friends. They died in an ambush that is still being investigated, in a corner of the world that few knew Americas were even deployed to. Their deaths need to be respected. Their lives need to be remembered, not for a political bash fest, but for their heroic service to America.


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