War Against Christian Viewpoints Intensifies- HR 5, “The Equality Act”

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Yale pulled funds from certain nonprofits that have traditionally trained their lawyers. Canada fined a man for pointing out that a cross-dressing individual was a biological male, a harbinger of what is to come here if HR 5 passed. HR 5- labelled the “Equality Act” – would institute protections against anyone who might slip up and call a man a man instead of a woman based solely on their “gender identity.” The war against Christian viewpoints has intensified. Are you ready?

Yale Law School has announced it will no longer give stipends to students who work with nonprofits that espouse traditional views on marriage. Since nonprofit organizations typically have little money, the school has always provided small stipends to make up the difference. But they received complaints from an LGBTQ group called “Outlaws.”

The Yale announcement was made in an email, according to the Washington Examiner. No more freedom of religion in the US, it’s now “follow our views or nothing.” And think about it- Yale is just one of the elite schools at the center of the scandal over bribes for admission. Yale was FOUNDED in 1701 on Christianity and traditional views to help students become employed by both “the church and civil state.” It has completely moved to the dark side.

Let’s also think about why- law firms like those that represented the Christian baker in Oregon have won major victories in courts against the mighty LGBTQ agenda. One of them, the ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom) is one of those at Yale that will no longer receive stipends for law students. Somebody doesn’t like their students working with exceptional law teams.

Danger on the horizon

In Canada recently, a Christian activist named Bill Whatcott was fined $55,000 by the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal for calling out a biological male as a biological male who was purporting himself as a woman. The wo-man was running for office… they called it “misgendering.” It is mandated speech, and anything else is called “hate speech.” It’s still legal here in the US to do that…but if HR 5 passes congress, there are protections inside the bill for discrimination against such folks.

If you espouse a Christian viewpoint, you are pushed to the back of the line.

The “Equality Act” HR 5

On March 13, 2019, HR 5 was read before the House. It could vastly change the United States of America. HR 5 is called “The Equality Act.” And it’s anything but “equal.” The full House Judiciary hearing on the act commenced on April 2, 2019 with both feminists and straight sounding the alarm against it.

The bill is sponsored by 240 Representatives, most of whom are Democrats. There are three Republicans, people who either have not read the bill or who have caved to the agenda of those who hate Christianity. The bill is bigoted against those who espouse traditional views.

The Heritage Foundation reported,

The Equality Act would cause substantial harm to many groups of Americans. It would force doctors who do not agree with SOGI ideology to violate their consciences, compel speech for all Americans with “preferred pronoun” policies, destroy women’s and girls’ sports by forced inclusion of biological men and boys, create critical parental-rights concerns, harm charitable organizations that do not affirm SOGI, and endanger women and girls in private facilities. Many of these concerns have come to fruition in the 24 states that have already implemented bills similar to H.R. 5.

SOGI- Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Churches that work with homosexuals or others would be considered discriminatory for espousing traditional beliefs. Just like the Yale decision, it uses grand sounding words that hide the agenda to destroy anything that runs counter to the LGBTQ viewpoint. It purports to “protect” women and pregnant women from discriminatory practices. But women are already protected against those things in current laws, and according to Feminists, this bill would delete progress.

Here’s an example from the text that is to be inserted in everything from the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the Fair Housing Act. It is even inserted in rules for jury selection.
“a perception or belief, even if inaccurate, concerning the race, color, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), or national origin, respectively, of the individual .”

Truth no longer matters.

The United States is treading on some dangerous ground here. Freedom of Religion (of not from) in the nation is part of the reason for the founding of the United States itself. Heads up: There are those who wish to destroy that heritage – and not all of them are human.

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