I Want a Military Parade – Here’s Why

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In response to Trump’s Military Parade:

My fellow Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, today I find out that there are Veterans who have served our Country who call themselves “progressives.” I am stunned to hear that there are actually Communist Veterans who support the idea of Bigger Totalitarian government. I knew these veterans existed but I am still shocked to hear the amount of resources they have to push their agenda.

One recent article bashing President Donald Trump in relation to his support for a Military Parade, makes a comment from one of these so called progressives/communists/liberals/Democrats (whatever the hell they call themselves), spins propaganda that depicts Donald Trump as some selfish tyrant who only wants a parade for himself and not for his support for our Military.

A parade goer holds up a Semper Fi sign as the Marines march by in the military parade in 1991

Now just hold the hell up. Where are all of these progressive veterans or liberals when Obama’s Rules of Engagement were killing our warriors overseas? Where the hell were they when the incompetent Obama admin set up an ambush for Navy Seal Team VI? Were they watching TV with Obama and Clinton when four Americans were murdered in Benghazi? Where have they been as the Obama sequester caused the deaths of military servicemen from old, improperly maintained aircraft? Tell us, exactly how much did they care then when our veterans were systematically killed through the VA when the VA scandal broke?

These Progressives are angry because we have a president that doesn’t invite rappers who rap about killing cops, who doesn’t invite rapists and pedophiles into our White House, that doesn’t parade Hollywood celebrities as role models for our children.

I honestly believe one cannot remain this stupid about current issues affecting our country. It’s obvious, the Democrats must pay good money for anyone these days to bash our President over any miniscule thing… even to go as far to diminish the importance of a Military Parade that brings the #1 most important people to the front stage for all to see.

Not Hollywood stars, or out of touch liberal women wearing vagina hats protesting for rights they already have, or immoral pedophiles & mentally wacked out sex freaks parading with dildos and in birthday suits in plain daylight in support for the disgusting acts that Hollywood elites portray.

Would you rather have people throwing eggs and calling our Military baby killers? Because that’s what the new Democratic party would love to do. In fact, they would rather support illegals than our own military. What’s the price for our country to watch the bravest Americans on the front stage and be seen by the silent majority who supports them 110%?

A Military parade should be a damn holiday in our Country, a day when our Military could show their freedom boner and spread their freedom wings all over the nation in hopes the communists and liberal progressives melt into a giant lake causing mass climate change that will open a new panama canal between Mexico and the United states. IT’S PRICELESS!

No, Donald Trump doesn’t need a Military parade to show what a magnificent president he has been. They can jump up and down and compare his idea to North Korea all they want. But the fact is, America has had many military parades, particularly during war time. Hey, if you haven’t noticed…we’re at war with terrorists!

He doesn’t give a damn what you think of him or us deplorables. What he does care about is that Americans stop supporting false idols that kneel in disrespect towards our Flag, our military, our country and our veterans.

President Donald Trump wants what all of us want: WE WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AMERICANS PATRIOTIC AGAIN! As the saying goes, the beatings will continue until the morale improves. I WANT A MILITARY PARADE! I WANT A MILITARY PARADE TO BE HUUUUUGGGGGEEE! Let’s show our Liberal enemies that our support for the best MILITARY in the world has high importance in our Society. That our citizens are forever thankful for their sacrifice and service to our country. And to the world, that the United States of America is NOT to be FUCKED WITH!

Semper Fidelis, Rick Ferran, aka TANK!

  • John Mc

    Born in 1942 and have fond memories of uncle’s that volunteered after Pearl Harbor. They served in each branch of the military in Africa, Europe and Pacific. After the war there were military parades on Memorial day or the 4th of July. Entire community would turn out to line the main street. I would be sitting on the curb with an ice cream cone and waving my American flag as tanks and artillery pieces rolled by accompanied by Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines. This was a routine practice well into the late 50s. The crowds were smaller and progressives complained about the cost, road damage amd hazards of the parade.

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