Walmart Caves to Anti-Gunners: No Open Carry, No Ammo Sales for Handguns and Short Barreled Rifles

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Walmart caves: anti-gunners pushed on Walmart hard enough to force them revise their gun policy – now they will stop selling handgun and short barreled rifle ammo. They will also be telling people not to open carry in their stores. The chain has been out of the handgun sales business for years, with the exception of Alaska.

AP wrote:

Walmart says it will discontinue the sale of handgun ammunition and also publicly request that customers refrain from openly carrying firearms in stores even where state laws allow it.

The announcement comes just days after a mass shooting claimed seven lives in Odessa, Texas and follows two other back-to-back shootings last month, one of them at a Walmart store.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based discounter said Tuesday it will stop selling short-barrel and handgun ammunition after it runs out of its current inventory. It will also discontinue handgun sales in Alaska, marking its complete exit from handguns and allowing it to focus on hunting rifles and related ammunition only.

“We have a long heritage as a company of serving responsible hunters and sportsmen and women, and we’re going to continue doing so,” according to a memo by Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon that will be circulated to employees Tuesday afternoon.

The tactics of the left demand compliance from all stores, banks, and any other venue that might possibly do anything with pro-gun customers. It’s really extortion. It’s sad that Walmart caves to such pressure, considering their prices are usually reasonable.

Back in early August, an idiot walked into a Walmart fully armed and wearing a tactical vest to make a “statement” – he not only failed in making that statement, but he may have been part of the reason that Walmart ditched some of their ammo. Because stupid people deserve attention. Not. Their ammunition market share will drop from 20% of ammo sales to 6% to 9%.


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