Walk of Heroes – Georgia Veterans War Memorial Damaged

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Rockdale County – A Georgia Veterans War Memorial near Conyers was damaged by vandals and thieves over the weekend. They damaged the monument by breaking up the concrete, and stole two bronze figures, a plaque and a globe. According to The Rockdale Citizen Media, they also took plaques of Army and Marine Corps logos from the stage.

“A little anger, and a little disappointment, to realize that there are people in this country who have no respect for the veterans–you see it every day.”  Norman Wheeler

Members on the local board of the Memorial are heartbroken that the monument was vandalized, and view it as an attack on veterans, according to 11Alive. The memorial was created to honor those who served in the US military over the last 100 years. Their names are etched into small concrete blocks surrounding the statues.

“This is just despicable, disgraceful and disheartening in so many ways.” Rockdale County Commission Chair Oz Nesbitt

Speculation is that the thieves were targeting the bronze, and perhaps planned to sell it. Since the statues were extremely heavy, the Sheriff’s Department believes that there were several perpetrators. Police have put out the word to local dealers who might be contacted by the thieves.

Anyone with information on thevandalism/theft is urged to contact the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office on Twitter @RockdaleSheriff, or at 770-278-8188.  If the tip leads to a conviction, there is a reward.

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  • Donald Kahlbaugh

    This saddens me greatly there has been someone in our family in the military since 1778 till present serving in all branches. 2 have retired 1 from the Army and 1 from Marines. I cannot wait until they find those scumbag pieces of crap and throw them under the jail.

  • Paula

    Sickening. I have no words

  • anonymous

    probably wasn’t even political, it was probably tweakers selling it for scrap…

  • RoaddogVNVLV

    Keep your ears open some asshole will brag about it then they get their due

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