Waffle House Shooter in Custody

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Waffle House Shooter Travis Reinking is in custody as of Monday morning, according to the Nashville Metro Police. Police searched for him all night, at first stating they had no “credible” sightings.

After a local resident a laptop bag with a card in it that said  “Travis Reinking,” police began to search the area where it was found.

According to police, just days before the carnage at Waffle House, Reinking also stole a BMW from a dealer and led police on a chase. They broke off the chase and decided to use the dealer’s GPS when it was apparent that traffic was too heavy. The car was located near Reinking’s apartment, but police did not yet know who he was.

Travis Reinking was arrested by the Secret Service in July of 2017 for trespassing on the White House grounds. As a result of that arrest, he was required to forfeit all of his weapons to his father. He told police he was a “sovereign citizen” and just wanted to talk to Trump. At some point, the father returned all of those guns.

In 2016, Illinois authorites said he was “delusional” after an investigation stated that he believed he was being “stalked” by celebrity Taylor Swift.  At the time, he had also talked about killing himself and had “several guns.”

We previously reported the Waffle House shootings at this link.

Featured Photo: Nashville Metro PD via Twitter

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