VX nerve agent used to assassinate DPRK Leader’s Half Brother

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The public assassination of Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother in Malaysia ten days ago was caused by a lethal “weapon of mass destruction.” Malaysian authorities stated that that Kim Jong Nam was killed with one of the most lethal substances known to man: VX nerve agent.

Two women approached Kim Jong Nam as he arrived at the Kuala Lumpur airport, and quickly rubbed his face with the nerve agent, then washed their hands and fled. Minutes later, on the way to the hospital, Kim died.

VX nerve agent

The Council on Foreign Relations noted,

“Known by its U.S. Army code name, it is a clear, colorless liquid with the consistency of motor oil. A fraction of a drop of VX, absorbed through the skin, can fatally disrupt the nervous system. Although a cocktail of drugs can serve as an antidote, VX acts so quickly that victims would have to be injected with the antidote almost immediately to have a chance at survival. VX is the only significant nerve agent created since World War II.”

So who has VX? The United States, Britain, and Russia for certain. The “V” stands for “venom” and was originally produced from pesticides. Syria and Iraq produced it, and Saddam Hussein is said to have used it on Iranian troops and against the Kurds. The crazed Japanese cult leader, Aum Shinrikyo, was able to make small quantities for assassinations.

Apparently they can add North Korea to that list.

The assassins

Malaysian authorities have the two women in custody:  Doan Thi Huong, a 28-year-old Vietnamese woman, and Siti Aisyah, a 25-year-old Indonesian woman. They were said to be trained by 4 North Koreans who fled back to the DPRK after the attack.

They would like to speak with a ‘senior North Korean diplomat,’ Hyon Kwang Song, but he’s not talking because of “diplomatic immunity.” There are other DPRK citizens still in Malaysia, but have not yet been found.

Photos released by Malaysian police of North Koreans wanted in connection to the murder

The half brother who had never meet Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong Nam had close ties to China, and had escaped 2 previous assassination attempts. There was no love lost between the two brothers.

With the current rocky relationship of the DPRK to Beijing, it is possible that the wacko North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, decided his half brother was a threat. Pyongyang denies any involvement in the assassination, stating that it was Malaysia’s responsibility.

Kim Jong Nam had often criticized his half brother. But with the assassination on Malaysian soil, the possibility of a fall out between that country and North Korea is strong. The Malaysian ambassador returned to his nation on Feb 19 after the incident. If the DPRK actually did organize this murder, they may lose both China and Malaysia as supporters according to Vox.

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