Voting in America

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There has been a lot of talk lately about voting rights in the news. Most recently when a Federal Appeals Courts struck down rulings in 3 states concerning voter ID. In NC, they blocked a law that required photo identification. The courts also ruled on loosening similar measures in WI. The court also halted strict citizenship requirements in KS.

This is just the latest attack on on the validity of our election system. The Constitution spells out the right to vote very clearly. In fact it is the single right that appears most often in the text of the Constitution. It is in four separate amendments, the 15th, the 19th,  the 24th, and the 26th.

“The Right of Citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged.”

There are reasonable restrictions, as with all of our rights. This right carries the same weight as all of the rest of those in the Constitution.

This country has had some dark history. There is no debate there. We treated those of color, or gender as different. We amended the Constitution to address these mistakes and grown as a Nation from it.

Citizens only!

The Constitution grants all CITIZENS of the United States certain inalienable rights. You have to be a CITIZEN to have these rights. Not just show up by whatever means AKA, illegal border crossing, etc. You don’t have these rights. Those of us that immigrated to the great nation legally, do. When you become a citizen you get it all. That includes the right to vote.

Granting the right to vote to someone who is not entitled to this right makes a mockery of our electoral system. It makes it pointless. It makes it “rigged.”

We need voter ID!

Having to show some form of ID at the polling place is not “unconstitutional,” nor is it discriminatory. It really is not that hard to get a photo ID in this country. I know there are exceptions. Those should be handled on a case by case basis.

Why is it that it is the Democratic party screams the loudest when it comes to voter ID? Is it because they lose so many “voters” off their rolls? It’s hard to get those photo ID’s from the dead.

It also prevents people from voting multiple times. You should be registered to vote. Be on the roll in you precinct, show a photo ID, have your name crossed off, and then vote. One vote, one person. Apparently that’s not the way of the Democratic party.


Voter Fraud

In the previous Presidential Elections, 2008 and 2012, there were cases after case of voter fraud. They were in just about all 50 states. Reports of people voting multiple times. One lady in OH was so thrilled to have voted for Obama 8 times, she was looking to do it again!

These laws for voter ID would go a long way to fixing a broken system. Of course the biggest system that is broken is the government. That is the hurdle we have to get over first.

As I have stated before, we need to get back to the foundations of this country. The Constitution is the cornerstone from which this country is built. Without it, we will will fall as have many nations before us.

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