Voter Fraud in Los Angeles- Paying Homeless to Forge Signatures

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Los Angeles, California –  The LAPD arrested 3 people on Friday for voter fraud, just latest in a long list of arrests for the charge. The suspects are paying homeless people a dollar or a quarter, or food or cigarettes to forge names on California ballot measures. And it’s been going on for years.

Suspects set up tables on Skid Row where they approach homeless people to gather forged signatures. The California government claims that such situations are “rare.” But according to the LAPD officer who patrols Skid Row, it’s common. So far in 2018, the LAPD has arrested 7 people for felony voter fraud and 4 of those charges were reduced to misdemeanors. Which effectively erases the problem from people’s radar. This is an excuse for Democrats to say that voter fraud is “rare.”

“It sends the message that it’s not a big deal. And as a result these guys come back.” LAPD Officer Dean Joseph to ABC7

The vast majority of responses to the news by LAPD_Reset were positive and wanted real prosecution. Only one that we could find said “YOU AGAINST THE POOR VOTIN! I made lot of money in Ray Moore election! Only white men get any rights or way to get money!?!!”

Unclear whether it was a sarcastic post or not. But generally, homeless folks wouldn’t have written “against” without dropping at least part of the word off.

According to Blue Lives Matter,

In May, undercover officers seized thousands of dollars in cash and lists of registered Los Angeles County voters from three suspects who were paying for signatures on four ballot measures, including one aimed at decreasing jail time for Los Angeles criminals and another to increase oversight of the local sheriff’s office, KNBC reported.

Officer Joseph said the LAPD is working with prosecutors to ensure that the latest three suspects will be charged with felonies.

Voter fraud is a felony. The LAPD didn’t target the homeless people, they targeted those who were paying the homeless to commit fraud. Those are the ones who should go to jail.  Wonder what their party affiliation might be.

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