Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, Truck Driver that Struck Marines Arrested- 7 Cts Negligent Homicide

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Volodymyr Zhukovskyy is the truck driver who slammed into 10 motorcycles of the Jarheads MC Club on Friday, killing 7 of the riders. An arrest warrant was issued on Monday, and the suspect was arrested at his home in Massachusetts on a standard Fugitive Warrant. He is being returned to New Hampshire for arraignment on seven counts of Negligent Homicide.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy is a “new driver, and had only driven one previous time for the company Westfield Transport. But he has a criminal record, and Ukrainian immigrant or not, he appears to have some serious issues…alcohol being one of them.

WWLP reported,

State Police Spokesperson, David Procopio, told 22News troopers also found wax packets containing a substance suspected to be heroin at Zhukovskyy’s residence. Procopio said the substance will be tested at the state police lab, and if positive for an illegal narcotic Zhukovskyy will be charged with a drug offense.

According to court documents, Zhukovskyy was arrested on May 11 for driving under the influence in East Windsor, Connecticut. The documents state that he was released on a $2,500 bond. He was scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.

Court documents also show he pleaded guilty to sixth-degree larceny in 2018 after he was arrested in 2017. According to the Journal Inquirer, Zhukovskyy was arrested after Enfield police determined he was involved in a burglary at a Home Depot warehouse in 2014.

The Associated Press reported he was also arrested on a drunken driving charge in 2013. AP said Massachusetts RVM records show Zhukovskyy was placed on probation for one year and had his license suspended for 210 days in 2014 in connection with the arrest.

Negligent homicide is usually a class B Felony in New Hampshire, but becomes a Class A Felony if the driver was under the influence of any intoxicating substance.

Since he is from Massachusetts, any drug charge would have to be done there. There are many posts on his Facebook page that show him in possession of alcohol, one of them while driving. How many those posts can be used in court against him is a toss up.

It is still of interest to know how he escaped from the truck, which was clearly on fire after the accident, without any need for hospitalization.

Featured photo of truck driver- screenshot via tbdailynews


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  • Bob D.

    Makes me friggin sicck to my stomach !! Just tie his ass to a tree on Camp Lejune and walk away the brothers there will take good care of this lowlife !!

  • Nancy Lewis

    Prayers for these heroes and their family and friends. Such a shame. This is why I am so against immigrants and illegals in our country. Send him back to Ukraine

  • Robert


  • thomas Montague

    the trucking company should have some responsibility ,with a record like that he should never have been behind the wheel.

    • Richard Sager

      you are right Thomas the company should be responsible for some of it for hiring him.They must have wanted a driver awful bad. very sad

  • susan Long

    give him jail for life to remember an see what he did to so many families. Once he is not under influence of drugs then he can sit in jail an see what he has done . God bless these families who have lost loved ones who have died , as I know what it feels like my Sun in–Law was killed on motorcycle an you live the rest of your days loving them an missing them.

  • Terry

    Regardless of the fact this was an immigrant or not..there are literally millions of responsible immigrants and equally as many irresponsible Americans on the roads under the influence of something that could lead to the same end
    .Let’s not blame all for one men’s offense.

  • Gregory

    This idiot better spend life in a dark cell. May he get a good beating for these brother’s.

  • Ssgt. Loving, Retired

    Give him to the Marines!! They’ll have justice done.- Save the State money, and every trace of him will be gone!!

  • Buster Loyd

    They need to let the Brothers handle it because the JUSTICE system sure won’t as you have already read from his past!

  • Michael

    What you just said, Nancy, is called a racism. This country is made up of immigrants. In fact you are one of them, unless you are Native American. It’s about one young guy who made a deadly mistake on the road. It has nothing to do with his nationality. There are more factors involved. It is not even about his pictures with alcohol, or driving UIA in the past. Check bars and pubs filled with Americans, bikers and truck drivers on Friday/Saturday nights. They drive home by the way after that. People are people, sinful and none better than the other. May God save their souls and comfort their families. May He give wisdom of how to continue living with such weight on his heart to Volodymyr.

    • jerry

      Ok so Nancy’s comment was out of anger and maybe misdirected but you are a fucking idiot to even suggest the idea of any kind of sympathy for this fucking piece of shit. May he get the fuck beat out of him in prison and die.

      • GH Smith

        *Dont be nieve.the “give em’ a pass for being a *SMF!”, has been proven not to be effective, but the bureacrate’s continued to give these type irresponsible mass murders the slap on the wrist, kit gloves treatment.. these foriegn criminals exploit this as much as they can. this criminal is a chronic offender and who ever tries to protect his repeated offenses, is “GUILTY” as well..

  • Doc Crippen folksinger

    Doc Crippen folksinger
    The ass hole should be strung up on the spot

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