Visalia Veteran’s Memorial Vandalized

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Visalia, California – On Monday, June 11, a man hopped over the chains surrounding a Veteran’s Memorial “Battlefield Cross” and literally pounded, yanked, and twisted the cross until it was destroyed. When caught, he will face charges of vandalism to government property. Unless veterans get to him first.

A Battlefield  Cross is about the fallen, those who didn’t get to come home. It’s been there about a year, and now the veteran’s organization will have to start over. They’ve stared a GoFundMe to get money to re-do the memorial.

The Veterans who worked hard to get the money (about $2,000) to erect the monument feel disrespected and angry. The man obviously did it intentionally, and with venom.

“That says you have absolutely no respect for those who have given and respected our country and many made the ultimate sacrifice, and that’s what that particular monument symbolizes…This person is psychologically unsound; he needs to be baptized in freedom. We need to put him in the military, send him over to Iraq and Afghanistan and let him find out what freedom really is.” Dennis Sirkin, Visalia Veteran’s Memorial to ABC

“It just really tears at my heart. It represents those who did not come home…He’s just pounding and pounding it on the ground, and it is almost as if I just envisioned a soldier’s head just being pounded to the ground.” Susan Spear, District Manager Visalia Veteran’s Memorial

Visalia Police are asking if anyone recognizes the person in the video to contact them or the Veteran’s Memorial. Mr. Sirkin made one statement that holds very true: “He’d better hope the police find him before the veterans do.”

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  • Kat Crockett

    I have a lot of friends in the area, would love to show them any pic of this scumbag so they can keep an eye out for him.

  • Steve Neal

    He has not earned, nor is he the caliber of human necessary, to go serve as a representative of our country! It may only be an object, but, as with ANY PROPERTY that far too many think is some freebie! These memorials are considered/conceived and executed by many whom spend time and valued resources, simply to thank good AMERICANS! Cowards destroy property, take out aggression on objects and attack things, because they have no heart, ability nor fortitude. I burden NOTHING for them! They get nothing in consideration, aside from the tiny moments that we associate them to the trash they are! I know karma has dealt them the seeds of their harvest! They pay in their lack of social acceptance, love or even recognition.
    Hope that sting alotts them way more, then they could mildly affect by us who see their sadness…AND, the great STILL serve on the behalf of ALL!

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