VISA Outage, Card Transactions Fail Across UK, Ireland, Even Europe

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A major VISA outage spawned chaos across the UK, Ireland, and Europe today as people attemping to get money or goods found that VISA was down.  Businesses across England and Ireland struggled to take care of customers when cash only was accepted due to the outage. But it didn’t just affect Europe – UK tourists here in the US saw their cards declined as well.

People had to leave full shopping carts. Others had to find a Mastercard somewhere.
But then…Mastercard went down too.

Then they sort of fixed it:

Then there were people like this who were just plain ticked off:

But others at least had a sense of humor about the problem:

The moral of the story is that in our day and age when plastic is the main money, things could go wrong in an instant and stay messed up for hours, even days. Keep some cash on hand. Make sure you have gas in your car. Keep that frozen pizza in your freezer. Unless the electricity goes out, then you’ll probably have to heat it up over a BBQ outside.  That could work…


Featured photo screenshot via Twitter @mdnphotovideo  Matthew Daniel Nelson

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