Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans Tell Gov McAuliffe To Stick It

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Virginia issued a special license plate for the Sons of Confederate Veterans with the Confederate Battle Flag on it, and around 1,600 people bought them. But after the shooting at a church in Charlotte, South Carolina this summer, Governor McAuliffe called for the plates to be removed and replaced by October 4. Thus far, only 187 have returned them. Many of the people have told him to stuff it, politely sending a note back with the replacement plates that said, “No, thank you.”

sons of confederate veterans

Their refusal to return them is the gentle Southern version of stick it. wrote in part,

Kevin Collier of Suffolk is a commander of the Stonewall Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He received a letter last month telling him he had until October 4 to swap out his Confederate flag license plate with a new one without the flag, provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles…

“Next thing you know, they’re going to say you can’t wear blue on Monday…or you can’t wear yellow on Thursday. Where’s it going to end?” Collier said…

Collier said his great-great-great grandfather fought with the Confederacy…

“I can’t fight on the battlefield like they did, but I can fight however I can in modern times and I’m not giving them plates up,” he said.

Liberal emotion

It’s actually considered a misdemeanor to drive with the plates on the vehicle.  So will all special plates now be sanitized? It appears that is the case. For his part, McAuliffe says that the plates are “divisive.”  So does his Attorney General.

“I look forward to the day when these plates are no longer on the road. This flag is a painful symbol that divides us, conjuring images of hate and subjugation. It has no place in any contemporary government use.” Maryland Attorney General Brian Frost 

Division without truth

A federal judge back in July ruled that Virginia can refuse to issue special plates containing the image of the Confederate flag. The ruling gives them the power to decide what is free speech and what is not- which is never a good thing in the hands of government officials.


Liberals have done everything in their power to remove every vestige of Confederate names, flags, and historical records from the South, even to having graves of Confederate leaders desecrated by their removal from their final resting place.

The people do not run on law, nor do they run on the Constitution- they run on raw emotion that is not backed by common sense. Where will this end?  Will we ONLY be exposed to the liberal version of history in which all southerners were vicious evil slave owning white people? That’s where this has gone already.  And it is not the truth.

“To be Southern… means you belong to a family under one roof who are bound together. And I am so proud that you remind us all that the African people of our ancestry were loyal and appreciative of the Christian Charity of the Southern White man in lieu of the economic institution of slavery and reciprocated that charity in standing with him before, during and arguably after the War Between The States. … As Southerners we have an obligation to protect the memory and honor of all of our ancestors who made an honorable stand here.”  H.K. Edgerton, black Sons of Confederate Veterans lifetime member

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