Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement in Overdrive

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Monday meetings in Virginia sent the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement into overdrive with seven more counties joining in. The Virginia State Attorney General is planning on releasing an official opinion attacking the movement soon. Not just counties, now at least one city, Exmore, Virginia, has passed a  Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution to take a stand against the radical gun control plans of the Democrats.

Jay Jones, Democrat, 89th House District Delegate, asked the Virginia Attorney General to weigh in on the movement, stating that it essentially places the mindset as the same as that of the Civil War. (Actually, it’s closer to the mindset of the Revolutionary War.) AG Herring is expected to attack the movement, saying that it has no legal status.

Does anyone really care about the “legal status” of the resolutions? No. What matters in this issue is the Constitution of the United States. As of today there are 30 Second Amendment Sanctuary communities in Virginia, and by tomorrow there may be more. Whether something has “legal status” or not, the mindset of those who are in opposition to the Democrats’ big plans is what counts.

Buchanan County passed a “Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance”- it has the actual “teeth.” A similar emergency ordinance is up for passage in Greene County.

The Democrats in Virginia think they are in charge and have been driving their anti-gun agenda hard. But the thing they are forgetting is that though big money drove the election of so many Democrats, it is the real PEOPLE who will decide what they want. They are totally missing the truth of this Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement: if there is this much opposition to the Democrats’ plans, it would behoove them to adjust their position. The consequences of failing to do so could be extremely bloody.

Molon Labe.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Bearing Arms/Cam Edwards



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  • james riddle

    As with all of America’s enemies they have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a great resolve. And behind every blade of grass there will be men and women with a gun. Keep poking you are going to get our attention.

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