Virginia Protesters Pull Down Confederate Statue, Struck Man in the Head

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Portsmouth, Virginia: Chris Green, 45, was struck in the head by a Confederate statue pulled down by Virginia protesters on Wednesday evening. He began convulsing, and police nearby called an ambulance, which reportedly had difficulty getting through the crowd. He had to be taken to an SUV, then loaded into an ambulance about a block away. He was hospitalized and is in a coma.

“We could see that his skull was actually showing, he was convulsing on the ground, he lost a great amount of blood and we’re just asking everybody to pray for that man right now.” Witness (Daily Wire)

Green was reportedly trying to move protesters out of the way of the statue as they were pulling the monument over, but the statue came down too fast and a piece of it hit his head as his back was turned. He flat-lined twice on his way to the hospital.

Currently he is listed in “stable” condition, meaning he is responding to neurological treatments.

The Daily Mail reported,

Some people used bolt cutters and hammers to chip away at the statues while four Confederate statues were beheaded.

The mood was celebratory – a marching band even arrived with an impromptu performance – but that came to a halt when a Confederate statue yanked down with a rope suddenly fell on top of Green around 9pm, 13 News Now reports. 

Green lost consciousness soon after his head was cut open. Police officers watching the protests moved in to provide medical attention before the father-of-two was rushed to a nearby hospital for life-threatening injuries.

GoFundMe photo

Green’s wife, Tonieh Brisbane-Green, who was not at the protests, said she agrees with the protest, but asked people to “do it in a peaceful manner.”

“There was no need to do all of that especially while there were so many people around that statue knowing that somebody’s going to get hurt.” Tonieh Brisbane-Green

One of the protest organizers, Rocky Hines, set up a GoFundMe for the family the next morning.

“We are responsible for this, and we need to right it in whatever way we can.” Rocky Hines

Portsmouth City Council had passed a resolution in 2017 that allowed them to relocate Confederate statues, but was waiting for laws to permit the move. On Wednesday morning, the statues were vandalized with paint and graffiti, which deeply concerned the Portsmouth city council. They worried about people climbing over the fence that surrounded the monument. Looks like they were right to worry.

By night, the protesters decided to totally destroy the monument.

This time, the frenzy to erase American history nearly cost a man his life. Though the protesters all left after Mr. Green was injured, the scars that this family will carry will last a lifetime. Money won’t fix those scars. Two children and his wife will bear them for many years to come, if he eventually survives, if he does not, the scars will be even deeper. Way to go, Virginia protesters, you really made a hash of things this time.

Featured photo: screenshot of Virginia protesters at Confederate statue in Portsmouth.


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  • Bo McElya

    I don’t feel any pain for this sorry bastard, but I do feel badly that he was the only POS hurt in the unlawful dismantling of a piece of history. I just regret that all of the sonsofbitches in this act of hatred hadn’t all been maimed or killed.

  • Tom

    well ,maybe he’ll leave history alone next time . It was only a matter of time before one of the leftist got hurt by their own.

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