Virginia prisoner that escaped with a gun arrested in DC

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Falls Church, Virginia –  Wossen Assaye, 42, a prisoner who was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital, got into an altercation with two  security guards at around 3 am Tuesday morning. He allegedly overpowered the female guard and stole her gun. What followed was an intense manhunt that led police to Washington , D.C. where he was eventually captured.

Assaye was at the hospital because he allegedly tried to commit suicide on Friday. Alexandria deputies maintained custody for the first 24 hours.

virginia prisoner

Wossen Assaye


After being under the control of Alexandria deputies, he was under the watchful eye of two security guards contracted to the U.S. Marshal’s service. It was then that he managed to overpower one of the guards and get her gun.

As he escaped, a round was fired at the male security guard, but he was not harmed. Assaye fled down a hospital staircase, which led to a brief lockdown on the facility. By then he was gone. Roads were closed around the hospital while police launched an all-out search for the prisoner.

Helicopters, officers with rifles stationed in the area, the police presence was massive according to a resident. He was advised to go back inside his home and lock the doors.

Assaye was listed as armed and dangerous.

Assaye ran to a neighborhood and managed to hide in the trunk of a car. When the owner came out to go to work, Assaye kicked out the back seat and hijacked the car. About three hours later, he crashed the vehicle and carjacked another one.  The second vehicle, a Gray Hyundai Elantra, has yet to be found.

News Media called the home of Assaye’s father in Arlington, but he did not talk to them.  The Associated Press reported that in the background they could hear someone tell him to hang up.


He was wanted for one count of bank robbery at Apple Federal Credit Union in Alexandria, and listed as a person of interest in 12 more.

Police say it was a resident of the area that saw Assaye’s information on social media that led to his capture and arrest by Metropolitan Police.

Assaye has been formally charged with escape, according to court documents.  He has a history of robbery and burglary, and according to parole documents, labelled him as a serious risk to the community.


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