Virginia Legislators Irate Over Reciprocity Removal

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Virginia Legislators Irate Over Reciprocity Removal

Remember just the other day when Virginia yanked reciprocity of concealed weapon agreements for 25 other states? Their Republican legislature wasn’t happy that the Attorney General and Governor did it without due process…and the consequences may be pretty severe.

Protection Detail Goodbye 

 virginia legislators irate

This photo says all you need to know about Virginia’s Goveror McAuliff (far right) and Atty Gen Mark Herring (far left). In between are Lt Gov Ralph Northam and Hillary Clinton

“A lot of the governor’s power is deferred to the General Assembly at that point and I’ll be getting with my colleagues to circumvent everything this governor has done on this point. I have a budget amendment that I’m looking at to take away his executive protection unit. If he’s so afraid of guns, then I’m not going to surround him with armed state policemen.” VA State Senator “Bill” Carrico

A bill was introduced in November to recognize all permits from the states, and if passed, would completely undo the Attorney General’s ruling. Add that to demands for a recall of Attorney General Mark Herring, and you have a burgeoning anger issue, not to mention complete confusion for the people both of Virginia and neighboring states.

Reciprocity deleted

After the announcement that the permits were no longer recognized, people were left wondering what to do.

The Herald Courier reported,

Ed Buchanan, with K & R Pawn in Abingdon, Virginia, said the shop was inundated with calls once the news broke.

“We’ve had calls all day and our Facebook page is blowing up,” Buchanan said. “People don’t know what to do or where they can carry. People are beginning to ask me why they should even get a permit. Right now, people are wondering what Virginia is coming to.”

Gun-grabber Governor

Virginia’s gun grabber Governor and his henchman Attorney General may begin to feel the heat. They have been largely unsuccessful so far in their attempts to disarm the people of Virginia. Although McAuliff has banned concealed carry in all state offices, which hasn’t set well with pretty much everyone.

But if they no longer have their armed police guards, they may have to hire privately out of their own pocket. It could be fun to watch.

“I would love to see every state recognize each other’s permits and have total reciprocity. I’m a Second Amendment-rights person. Guns have been around for a hundred years—permits aren’t the issue—if people want to commit a crime utilizing a hand gun they don’t care if they have a permit.” Washington County Sheriff  Fred Newman

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