Virginia House of Delegates Passes Assault Weapons Ban

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The vote was actually close when the Virginia House of Delegates passed HB 961 on February 11 – the so called “Assault Weapons Ban.” (Daily Caller) Some Democrats voted against it with the final vote standing at 51-48. The bill now moves to the Virginia Senate.

The Virginia Senate has a very narrow Democrat majority of 21 to 19 GOP. Whether or not any of those Dems can be swayed against the gun bills is unlikely, since Gov Northam has come out in support of all of them. There are several pieces of gun legislation pending in the Senate, including red flag laws, limitations on how many guns can be purchased, “universal background checks” and now this ban on weapons, magazines, and suppressors.  (We’ve previously reported on HB 961.)

The Virginia House of Delegates Committee Hearing  Feb 7, 2020

After the weapons ban passed the House Committee, Virginia Democrats used State Police to eject several citizens from the hearing room, according to Big League Politics. The many citizens who showed up to speak for the hearing were only allowed 5 minutes to make their case. That is, a combined total of 5 minutes. Freedom of Speech did not exist in that hearing. Then the Democrats used police to eject them.

“According to those in the room, Virginia State Police formed a riot line between the public and the committee and gave the public 30 seconds to leave or be arrested. Shortly after the room was cleared the committee came back into session with an empty chamber to consider additional gun control measures.” Big League Politics

Labiosa Liberty PAC posted the livestream, which cut out as police moved in.

Though 91 of the state’s 95 counties have passed resolutions declaring themselves “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries,” the State Attorney General defies that stance by saying the resolutions have no legal standing and demanding police enforce the blatantly unconstitutional  law.

Remember, America, big money from Bloomberg contributed to this, along with whatever the Republicans were thinking
(or not thinking) during the last election.  We as gun owners in America cannot sit idly by in this election year and assume everything will be fine.  Democrats and anti-gun groups are buying ads, filling the airwaves with lies and obfuscation of the facts.

VOTE as if all of your rights depended on it. They do.

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” – Benjamin Franklin

Featured photo of the Virginia House of Delegates via Virginia Republicans


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    It appears that our ultimate law , THE CONSTITUTION, is being disobeyed, and forgotten that our founding fathers put it in place to protect all of us. WaynePrice

  • Richard t Goodall

    Time to change oath of office to include the admendments there of.

  • Edward Gay

    When government passes laws that are against the constitution theN that law is considered null and void!
    2nd amendment states “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!”
    I will not travel to or spend any money in Virginia until these idiots are voted out.

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