Virginia Committee Approves Gun Bills With Party Line Vote

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No surprise here. Monday, in spite of hundreds of gun owners showing up for the hearings, the Virginia committee approved a plethora of gun bills  along a strictly party line vote. Of course, they already banned guns from the Virginia statehouse, so they weren’t  bit worried  about all those 2A supporters. Democrats bypassed the security, leaving annoyed citizens in their wake.

And that was only part of the anger that festered from the day. If you are a gun supporter and you wait in line for HOURS to get into a committee meeting, and some anti-gun members get to bypass the process entirely…wouldn’t you be angry too?

Then there was the matter of being lied to. GOP state Senator Bill Stanley was not going to be at the meeting, and gun rights supporters were told the committee wouldn’t be taking up the gun bills. Liars. The Virginia committee run by Democrats pushed ahead with them anyway.

SB 16, the total gun ban, was struck from the record, according to Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms, and there will be no further action on it. Instead, they are focusing on a slightly altered HB 961 filed by Delegate Mark Levine (we reported that one here), which includes the suppressor ban, high capacity magazines and other egregious items. Sure, you can keep your AR, if you register it within a certain amount of time. Otherwise you have to get rid of it or render it inoperable.

SB 69 was approved by the committee, which prohibits  gun owners from purchasing more than one firearm per month. Other legislation that approved Red Flag Laws and allowing local jurisdictions to pass temporary gun bans passed the committee.

Direct shot at the NRA

Other bills up for committee for another day include a ban on most indoor gun ranges (HB 567). In the minds of anti-gunners, this would stop those legal gun owners from bringing weapons into buildings. (????). Please note that the NRA has a gun range in their Virginia headquarters where families and individuals go to learn shooting skills from knowledgeable people. But Democrats don’t see it that way – any gun to them is deadly and should be banned, along with the practice ranges where the skills are acquired.

“This bill would make sure that we don’t have people bringing large quantities of firearms and ammunition into office buildings. This bill would likely impact the NRA’s indoor range.” Noah Bardash, aide to bill sponsor Dan Helmer

Helmer is a delusional Democrat. The bill allows an indoor range if 90% of the people who go there are local, state or federal law enforcement. It allows indoor ranges for buildings owned or leased by Virginia or the federal government. Said ranges must verify the identity of anyone who uses it by name, phone number, and agency where they are a LEO.

Other bills from Helmer like HB 568 bans open carry of firearms in vehicles. HB 569 cancels reciprocity of carry with other states. The avalanche of gun bills continues, none of which will have ANY effect on crime. The bills now move to the Virginia Senate.

Featured photo: NRA photo of Jan 13 hearing via Twitter


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  • Patrick

    It would be interesting for our elected officials to provide some specific data on the impact of the proposed legislature. Will any of the proposed new gun laws have prevented any of the mass shootings in our nation??? I am a gun owner and a supporter of the US Constitution. I take giving up my constitutional rights VERY seriously.

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