Violent French Protests Spread to Belgium and Netherlands

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By the end of the weekend, the violent French protests put Central Paris on virtual lockdown. The government called up reinforcements for police, and deployed blue armored vehicles as protests spread across the country- Bordeaux, Toulouse, Mondeville.  At least 1,400 people were detained across the country.

But the protests also spread to Belgium and Netherlands,  as police used water cannons and tear gas against the “yellow vests” in Brussels. About 100 demonstrators surrounded the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, as two protesters were detained in downtown Amsterdam.


Water cannons deployed – screenshot


The Daily Mail reported in an article updated on December 9,

“…Protesters smashed street signs and traffic lights near a police barricade blocking access to the office of Prime Minister Charles Michel, as they chanted slogans calling on him to resign. They threw paving stones, fireworks, flares and other objects at police.

Brussels police spokeswoman Ilse Van de Keere says around 400 protesters are gathered in the area.

About 100 have been detained, many for possessing dangerous objects like fireworks or wearing clothing that could be used as protection in clashes with police…

…Protests also continued in Paris on Saturday as rioters set fire to cars, burn barricades and smash windows in pockets of violence across the city centre. Police reinforcements were boosted to 8,000 across the city, with armoured vehicles deployed in Paris for the first time ever.

More than 650 protesters were detained in the capital last night. Many of them stopped as they arrived at train stations or meeting points carrying hammers, petanque balls and other potential missiles.

Nationwide, 89,000 police officers were on duty in towns, cities and on numerous motorways which caused havoc on France’s road network, including a blockade of a border crossing with Spain…”

Even Emanuel Macron took an egg to the head during one of the demonstrations on Dec 3. So much for security.

He is scheduled to address the nation on the Yellow Vest protests on December 10. Some questioned the use of blue armored vehicles, accusing Macron’s government of enlisting the aid of the EU.

  • Scott Murphy

    When you fail to play fairly with other countries and raise taxes on your own people to pay for your mistakes you get pushback in green vests. Hopefully this isn’t a follow me type tactic.

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