Violence continues in Baltimore as National Guard deploys

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At this time there are 4 major fires burning in Baltimore, one of which is a brand new Senior Center. Assaults on officers are continuing, as more attacks have occurred on police, and looting, smashing windows, with more groups roaming about the city.The National Guard has been deployed. But tehhe resources of the City have been stretched thin.


one of 4 fires burning in Baltimore – Twitter photo

From a Press Conference:

The toll of police officers injured rose to 15 as of the last count, with two of them still in the hospital. Several civilians were also injured, including at least 5 journalists.

Colonel Darryl De Sousa, of the Maryland State Police stated in a press conference that his officers are fully deployed throughout the city, and he has requested resources and equipment from all over the Mid-Atlantic region.

Baltimore Police stated that at the time of the Press Conference police they had made 27 arrests.

Governor Larry Hogan, at the request of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, declared a state of emergency and deployed the National Guard. He stated they were putting the “full weight” of the state government to achieving the result of security and peace for the people of Baltimore.

Is this Martial Law?

The Mayor stated that the regular curfew would be in effect for juveniles tonight- 14 and younger from 9pm-5am; for 15-17 year olds, 10pm-5am.  But starting tomorrow, there will be a general curfew for all adults as well from 10pm- 5am that will last for a week. Anyone must have a legitimate reason for being on the street- such as going to work.

National Guard General Linda Singh stated that they are fully deployed tonight, and have access to 5,000 troops if they are needed. She stated that the guardsmen will be patrolling the streets tonight and that everyone should “go home and sleep.”

The General also reiterated that technically this is not martial law, because they are under the direction of the Baltimore Police department. If it were true Martial law, they would be taking over entirely.

Councilmen and Mayor express dismay

Councilman Brandon Scott expressed that he was “pissed” that these “thugs or whatever you want to call them” were destroying the city he loves and dedicated his life to. He emphatically told adults who were participating on the riots and looting and burned that they were ruining the city for their children. He stated that “we cannot let this go on.”

That sentiment was echoed by the Mayor and council President as well. “These are thugs, thugs who are seizing upon an opportunity. Our job is to get it right.”

The Mayor expressed her anger at the media for “twisting her words” at the first press conference. She stated that a 4th grader asked her “What are people trashing my neighborhood?” which left her at a loss for words. She stated that they needed to manage the protest- balancing the First amendment rights with keeping order. It failed.

Much of the media has been focused on social issues regarding this incident. But even the leaders of Baltimore stated that these are likely groups brought in from the outside to cause trouble. The Mayor called upon Al Sharpton to come to Baltimore and stand for “peace.”

Let’s be blunt- these are opportunistic thugs who have found an excuse to riot and destroy a city. It has nothing whatever to do with “justice” or social issues to do with race. It has to do with poor leadership, and radical factions who see weakness and are exploiting it. Well now they’ve got the military involved. And though they say it’s not technically “martial law” its pretty close.

VIDEO: WJZ has learned that 4 fires are burning at this hour in East Baltimore.

Posted by WJZ-TV | CBS Baltimore on Monday, April 27, 2015

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