Violence Breaks Out at School Protests Against Gun Violence

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On March 14, students were supposed to be walking for respectful “solidarity” with the victims of the Parkland Shooting. Or they were supposed to be protesting gun violence with those “Enough is Enough” signs. But at a High School in Antioch, Tennessee, things got ugly as students ripped down the American flag and went on a very non-peaceful ‘protest.’ In Chicago there was rioting and looting during the “walk out.”

According to news accounts, a huge brawl broke out inside Antioch high school, and outside, students involved in the so-called “walk out” ripped down the American flag. That wasn’t all. They jumped on a police car too.

Here’s an MRC TV news report of the incident:

Meanwhile, on Chicago’s south side, students from Simeon Career Academy decided to start harassing customers and trying to intimidate businesses, among other things.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

“Things started out cool,” a Potbelly Sandwich Shop manager, who did not want to be further identified, told Blue Lives Matter. “But then some of the guys started yelling, threatened the employees, and said they were going to come back [into the kitchen area] and make their own food.”

There were at least 50 teens in the eatery at one point, and they came inside in groups of 10 to 15 at a time, he said.

The manager noted that Potbelly’s also serves many elderly customers, some of whom were in the shop when the students began wreaking havoc.

He said that the students’ behavior and vulgar language was “disrespectful,” and that the Potbelly’s employees were ultimately forced to contact Chicago police as the teens’ antics escalated.

The students were escorted out of the restaurant by law enforcement before they caused any physical damage to the business, the manager said.

Meanwhile, at a nearby GameStop, alert employees began to grow concerned as approximately 20 teens began milling around the store without making any purchases, Owens told Blue Lives Matter.

Owens said that the students moved through the area outisde the store in a “huge, single-file line.”

GameStop employees were able to clear out customers, and locked up the business before problems arose, he said, adding that nearby stores were not so fortunate.

One restaurant’s delivery truck was attacked and drinks stolen outside the building. Walmart was trashed by the “peaceful”  students, but the video was taken down.

Welcome to the world of liberal promoted “Social justice warriors.”

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