Vietnam Veteran’s Medals Stolen, Arrests Made

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Yuba City, Calif – The Oroville Dam evacuations left the possessions of thousands vulnerable to theft. One US Army veteran from the Vietnam War, Mike Pomeroy, had his purple heart and dozens of other medals stolen out of his home.

Pomeroy is a decorated Army veteran who was a medic during the Vietnam War. He kept the 23 medals plus his Purple Heart from his service in a small black suitcase in the back of a closet. It was his intent to pass them on to family after he was gone.

When the erosion at the Oroville Dam auxiliary spillway caused nearly 200,000 people to evacuate, someone burglarized the Pomeroy’s home and stole the medals while they were gone.

“The people that stole them, I don’t know why they took them, they’re nothing to them. They were really a traumatic part of my life, and I know I didn’t stand around to get them.” Mike Pomeroy to KCRA

Mike Pomeroy had not shared his war experiences, nor told his wife about the medals. He suffered from PTSD since he left the Army in 1968.  He earned his purple heart when a mortar round exploded, sending shrapnel into his arm.

But on Sunday, something wonderful happened: police returned his medals.

Fox40 reported,

Police had been keeping track and receiving reports of a blue pickup truck that had been parked at the Yuba City St. Isidore Catholic Church’s parking lot. The medals had allegedly been seen being placed inside of a planter in the back of the truck.

The truck’s owner was unaware that the stolen medals had been placed in his vehicle. When he discovered them he delivered them to the Yuba City Police Department.

Two women and a man have been arrested in connection to the case. Their identities and involvement in the burglary have not been reported at this time.



188,000 evacuations from Oroville Dam Spillway

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