Vietnam Veteran Alfred Pick- Buys Gun in the 80s, Goes to Prison Now

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Alfred Pick is an Army veteran who served in Vietnam during the War. He earned a Silver Star for his actions, and was a prisoner of war for a period of time. He was also a gun collector. We say “was” because he is going to prison for more than 7 years because of an M14 that he purchased at a gun show back in the 1980s. At least that’s part of it.

The gun had never been out of its case, according to friends, and never been used in the commission of a crime. But it was special to Pick because it was similar to one he carried as an Army Lieutenant.

But the serial number was scratched out, and because it was a fully automatic weapon, the ATF had no sense of humor about it. Based on a tip they received last year, they raided his home just two weeks after his wife of 40 years died of cancer.

More to the story?

KTVT reported:

According to information presented to the court, Pick had repeatedly been cited for criminal trespass at various area hospitals for his aggressive behavior, involving both verbal and physical abuse of medical staff and impeding staff.  The court also heard that police had been called on two prior occasions in 2014 to restaurant parking lots where patrons reported that Pick had been threatening and brandished handguns in encounters with him.

Also, Pick’s daughter reported to Pick had sexually abused her from the time she was 4-years-old until the age of 17, taking nude photographs of her to, as he put it, “chart her growth” and sexually assaulting her.

The court also received evidence that Pick threatened the Federal Magistrate Judge who detained him indicating he would fly his plane with explosives to kill the Judge and ATF agents who investigated his case.  Pick also said he would “have taught the Las Vegas shooter a thing or two,” referring to the Oct. 1, 2017 mass shooting.

“Obviously, there was a lot more to the sentence that was received – a sentence that Mr. Pick and his lawyer agreed to – than a single gun with a missing serial number,” said U.S. Attorney Joseph D. Brown.  “Although Mr. Pick was a decorated veteran, he would use that status routinely to try to excuse his repeated criminal behavior.  This was also not a mental health issue.  It became a public safety issue.”

Pick served in over 100 combat missions during his service. He was once the President of his homeowner’s association. Many of his friends believed a lighter sentence should have been given. Other veterans said he should have known better than to buy an automatic weapon with the serial number scratched off. But it appears that the gun was only the excuse, and that his behavior was the root of the problem.

“He’s a really remarkable man to be honest. I do think it’s unfortunate for a gentleman like Alfred that’s had such an outstanding life to have it mired at the age of 70 by this federal felony.” Ryne Sandel, Pick’s attorney.


Featured photo: screenshot of Alfred Pick via KTVT

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  • Alice Hawk

    In the interest of fairness, let me say this. Alfred is a brilliant guy. He is also deeply troubled and has a documented history of serious mental health issues. The weapon in question was stolen by the owner during his training before his Honorable service in Vietnam. He removed the serial numbers himself. There are many more details to this story than have been reported. As a close family member I can tell you that all of us honor and respect Mr. Pick’s service. We also appreciate that Alfred was at one time a responsible citizen. We hope that he will receive the help he needs to come to terms with his behavior. We wish things hadn’t come to this not only for Alfred but for us as well. It has been a living nightmare. The worst part is that due to Alfred’s poor choices, we were unable to honor and to.properly grieve for our beautiful sister Sheryl who has become a footnote in this story. She deserved better. She was a fighter to the end. Now all of these people who hadn’t seen her for some time before her death keep popping up telling us what she would have thought , done or what they claim she told them . All lies.
    I haven’t commented on any of these forums until i came across this post. It was fair and truthful considering the amount of facts (mostly false or half truths) posted by peoples who came to speak on Mr. Pick’s behalf with either secondhand knowledge or as self promotion for their own interests. It’s disgraceful. If they wanted to truly help Alfred, they would be friend enough to be tough enough to speak the truth to and for him instead of fawning before the fake news.
    There are many people who were hurt by these events, not just Al.
    Thanks for letting me have my say. Some will not agree (which is their right), but I know in my heart that justice was done in this sorry and sad tale. I also know in my heart that it’s not over.

    • Faye Higbee

      Thank you for your response! We appreciate your input! It’s definitely a sad situation.

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