(Video) Muslims vs Europe

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“Europe is being destroyed in front of our eyes.” That was the comment that accompanied the video at the bottom of this article. It is true. They have been lost. They have been totally transformed because of foolish ignorant European leaders who opened the borders of their countries to any an all comers. They welcomed the influx and are now paying an horrific price. Can it happen here? It already is happening here.


Europe’s immigration crisis has worsened significantly

France bombing Syria

France has Islamists in their own playground. Sunday they began blowing the s*** out of ISIS in Raqqa, Syria with a “Major bombardment.” Twenty bombs were dropped on ISIS targets.That’s a good thing, but what about the ones inside France/England/Belgium/Germany/the Balkans/Sweden/Norway/Denmark already?

Is it too late for all of Europe?  The UN said that Sweden would be a 3rd world nation by 2030. The entire continent of Europe is headed in that direction. The refugees, the Muslims, have overwhelmed them.

Rapes, Rising Crime…

There is a rape epidemic across Europe. If you disagree with the Muslims, they call you racists, and label you as facists, or “islamophobic.” No-go zones exist in nearly every European nation now.The populations of Europe are rapidly being replaced with Muslims. Crime has gone through the roof. People are being beaten, threatened, attacked.

Those coming across the borders are not “poor refugees” escaping the Syrian conflict- many are coming from Afghanistan, Senegal, Ghana…other nations. It is a flood.

The video at the bottom of this article…listen to it. Hear it, know what is coming. They are coming. The influx has started in America. The goal is domination…subjugation. The threats are REAL. Our current leaders will do nothing. Be prepared.

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