Veterans Revolt at Chicago VA Over Black Mold

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Veterans Revolt at Chicago VA Over Black Mold

U.S. veterans at Edward Hines Jr VA in Chicago have been subjected to disgusting conditions. Now residents have contacted Congress to ask for help with black mold that has plagued their facility for months, yet has not been addressed.


The door to one of the rooms has been covered…photo via Fox

Edward Hines Jr VA

We have reported the deplorable conditions of this facility previously, in particular, cockroaches:

“The infestation is so severe that a whistleblower came forward to reveal that veterans were being served food with cockroaches on their trays. And this isn’t the only instance in which VA hospital kitchens have been overrun with vermin.”

It appears now that nasty black toxic mold has overtaken at least two rooms of their residential care facility. And staff has known about it for months, but didn’t conduct testing until April… they  still haven’t cleaned it up. Two rooms, C 106 and C107 have now been locked off .

“I was going by the hallway and the door was open. The back wall was all moldy black. I went and told the director of nursing. She said, ‘How did you see that?’ I said, ‘The door was open.’ She said, ‘You weren’t supposed to see that.’” 81-year-old resident Raymond Shibek told

Residents revolt

And the residents are “getting aggressive about it” by contacting members of Congress.  The Edward Hines VA has a high rate of death within the residential care facility. Though no one knows if the toxic mold  is to blame for that, it seems coincidental…and no one believes in coincidence, especially the residents.

Fox reported,

An April 22-dated letter sent to Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., and signed by 18 residents in the unit asked for congressional intervention.

“Granted, these poor souls (veterans-patients who reside in the RCF unit) are a group of … patients who need around the clock care, but still there seems to be a high number of both staff and patient illnesses, and a very high rate of death for the RCF unit veterans,” the letter said. 

Kirk, chairman of the Senate Appropriations VA subcommittee, fired off a letter earlier this week to a VA supervisor seeking answers on the mold problem. “The saddest part about this work is that there seems to be no bottom – each time we discover a problem, there always seems to be a cover-up, instances of willful incompetence, and/or another problem right around the corner,” he wrote.

“Willful Incompetence” 

It took the VA facility until April 5 to even post a bid notice for cleanup. They say the mold was caused from a leak that has been repaired.  But these issues are a sign of what Senator Kirk calls “willful incompetence.”

Are there any personnel at the Edward Hines Jr facility that really care about our veterans? We wonder.  If there are this many disgusting conditions that have not been addressed, then the entire management needs to be fired and caring individuals hired.


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