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The Brian Tally VA Employment Transparency Act – HR 4526 – is to be read into the Veterans  Affairs Committee on Thursday. As we have previously reported several times, this is a much needed bill to bring the VA into accountability for those times of malpractice that have left veterans without recourse.

HR 4526 states:

Not later than 30 days after the date on which a person submits to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs a claim for damage, injury, or death on Standard Form 95, or any successor form, the Secretary shall provide to the claimant notice of each of the following:

Doctor issues in the VA

The VA has a terrible track record in so many areas dealing with doctors.  From hiring doctors that have a history of malpractice, to contracted doctors that are indistinguishable from those employed by the VA. And if there IS a misdiagnosis, or flagrant malpractice, there are few options available. In the case of Brian Tally, there were none, even though the VA admitted he had received poor care.

“… a 73-year-old legal loophole allows VA to deflect responsibility for the malpractice, leaving Tally with no legal recourse, no way to seek recompense for losing his family car, his small business and putting him out of work for years.

VA deferred Tally’s federal tort claim, saying the VA employee responsible for the malpractice was a contractor and he had to file a state claim. Information they failed to pass along to Tally until it was too late and the statute of limitations in his state had expired, he said…” Connecting Vets 

The VA REGULARLY fails to report issues of malpractice to state officials, even if the doctor is terminated ( Sometimes they hire them back. But as in Brian’s case and others, contracted doctors are free to be lazy, continuing to “practice” without any recourse for the veterans who may have been harmed by them.

HR 4526 aims to change the culture of VA foot-dragging that is deadly to any veteran that seeks help from a malpractice issue.

Brian Tally with Rep Mike Levin

Brian Tally with Rep Mark Meadows, now Chief of Staff for the President

The bill has made it to the Veteran’s affairs committee as of July 30. It is sponsored by Rep Mike Levin (D-CA) and 11 others. Rep Mark Meadows, now President Trump’s Chief of Staff, has been a champion of this legislation from the beginning and introduced 2 versions of the Tally Bill himself. The committee has a long list of other VA legislation to evaluate, but Brian is hopeful that after two years of fighting to get it before the legislature, it will finally come to pass.

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Featured photo of Brian Tally in Mark Meadow’s office. All photos provided.


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