Veteran’s Hike Across 1,200 Miles for Suicide Awareness

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Anthony Salazar is a USMC Combat Veteran who is going to trek 1,200 miles across Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail in order to raise awareness for veteran’s suicide and PTSD. He invites civilians and veterans to join him.

Sgt Anthony Salazar

Anthony will leave Potawatami State park in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin on Monday, June 12, at 0800 and end in Taylors Falls, Minnesota approximately 3 months later.

Anthony’s schedule to replenish supplies


June is PTSD Awareness Month

Anthony spent 8 years in the Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom, leaving the service as a Sergeant. He was with the 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines- 2005-2013. Surviving combat is one thing, surviving the peace is quite another.

When we asked why he was going to walk 1,200 miles over 3 months, he responded,

“I find it disturbing that I lost more friends at home than in combat. I just lost a good friend on April 29.” Anthony Salazar

He had just planned to relocate when the news of his friend’s death reached him. It hit him hard. He told us he needed to do something.

Walking helps Anthony cope with the loss of his friends, and gives him a focus. He had many pieces of advice to “start small” but the Ice Age Trail seemed to fit his idea.

The blue line is the Ice Age Trail

The journey

He plans to reach out to veterans service organizations along the way and invite them to join him…but anyone is welcome.

You can follow Anthony on his adventure at his Facebook Page 1200 Miles Through the Ice Age Trail. He will be posting along the way, and if you are in the area, you can tag along with him. His Instagram account will also have information: @iceagetrail4vsa.

“I want my voice to reach those that need someone in their darkest time and let them know that they are not alone and that I am here and asking them to stay another day and walk with me. ” Anthony Salazar from his GoFundMe page

“Stay another day.” It’s the heart cry of everyone who cares about our veterans and see so many of them leave us.


He has pledged 87 percent of his proceeds to DryHootch, a nonprofit veterans helping veterans organization in Wisconsin. The rest will cover the cost of the GoFundMe and his expenses. He hopes to raise $50,000 for the effort.

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