Veteran’s Graves Targets of Vandalism in Massachusetts just before Veteran’s Day

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A few days before Veteran’s Day, the graves of numerous Military Veterans were vandalized at a cemetery in West Bridgewater, MA. Caretakers say it would have taken about 4 people to carry some of the headstones that were damaged or removed.

The Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Bridgewater has been struck before by vandals who shoved over headstones, smashed urns, and snapped off American flags. They have been hit 4 times since 2012, and every time it has been mostly the veterans graves that were desecrated. The occurrences were nearly always on weekends.

The grave of Joyce and Gerry Comeau was damaged

WIVB reported,

In Pleasant Hill Cemetery, a toppled tombstone – etched with the words “Forever soul mates” – marked the grave of Joyce and Gerry Comeau.

Officials were first notified about the vandalism on Sunday, when workers found two tombstones pushed over, vases smashed and flags snapped in half.

“This is the fourth time since 2012 that we’ve we had vandalism,” said Lauren Delaney, who runs the cemetery. “Each time it’s been before a holiday. And 95-percent of the stones hit have been veterans.”

According to Delaney, it usually takes up to four people to carry the stones that were targeted.

“This isn’t something one person can be going through here and doing,” she added. “It’s very disheartening. It really is. You don’t know whether to be sad and cry or to be angry and fight back.”

Is this just kids?

Police believe it’s kids with “too much time on their hands.” Several people in the area say they heard something, but no one called the police.

The cemetery has no surveillance cameras, but Pleasant Hill has launched a crowd-funding program to get them, as well as restore what has been damaged in these episodes.  It would be nice to see the vandals caught. In Massachusetts, vandalism and graffitti in a cemetery is a felony, and carries triple damages, 500 hours of community service, loss of license for a year, and up to 5 years jail.

This is a twitter photo of a veteran’s grave that was damaged


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