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On Veterans Day 2019, President Trump became the first sitting President to attend the New York City Veterans Day Parade.  It was their 100th anniversary. Invited to give the opening remarks, he acknowledged the veterans in the audience, and spoke of veterans that have saved the world over the course of history. The 2019 parade honored all veterans, but in specific, this year they highlighted the United States Marine Corps.

“Each year, this parade highlights one branch of our military. This year, we honor the elite masters of air, land, and sea — the legendary Leathernecks, the feared Devil Dogs… the United States Marines.” President Trump

Here are some of his remarks from Veterans Day 2019 (via the White House website):

“The towering spirit of strength that we see in this city lives within the heart of every American warrior. From the snow of Valley Forge to the jungles of Vietnam, from the forests of Belleau Wood to the beaches of Normandy, from the mountains of Afghanistan to the deserts of Iraq, that spirit has helped our fighters defeat tyrants, conquer fascism, vanquish communism, and face down terrorism…” President Trump

The President told the story of the Battle of the Bulge, and acknowledged a veteran who was present at the event: Cpl Jack Foy.

“When the chips were down and the situation was desperate, the American soldiers stood up to be counted. For a brief moment in history, these men held our nation’s destiny in their hands. We did not fail.” Corporal Jack Foy, Battle of the Bulge

He explained the feat of MSgt Roddie Edmonds, who saved the lives of his Jewish unit members by defying the Nazi order to have them step forward out of the American ranks. Roddie stated flatly, “We will not do that.”

“At that point, the German put a gun to Roddie’s head and demanded, “You will order the Jews to step forward immediately or I will shoot you right now through the head.”Roddie responded, “Major, you can shoot me, but you’ll have to kill us all.”

The Nazi turned red in anger, took his gun and walked away. From the Revolutionary War to the killing of terrorist Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the President honored America’s warfighters. He’s as patriotic as Corporal Foy, and as defiant as MSgt Edmonds. It’s who he is, and why we voted for him.

“Together, we must safeguard what generations of fearless patriots gave everything to secure. We will protect our liberty, uphold our values, and defend our home. We will ensure that righteous legacy of America’s veterans stands as a testament to this nation from now until the end of time.
To every veteran here today and all across our land: You are America’s greatest living heroes and we will cherish you now, always, and forever.President Trump

This video is the full speech.

Featured photo: President Trump speaks from behind bullet proof glass


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