Veteran’s Daughter Confronts Anti-Trump Protester over Desecrated Flag

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The Trump Hotel DC held its grand opening on Wednesday. The Luxury hotel has seen its share of protests, beginning with Black Lives Matter graffiti plastered all over the front of it. But on Wednesday, a desecrated American Flag created major tension when the daughter of an Army Veteran confronted anti-Trump protesters for writing on it.

Shouting match

The protesters had written the text of Donald Trump’s locker room audio tape in yellow within the stripes of the American flag. That caught the attention of an Army veteran’s daughter from Florida.

“My father fought for this country in the Army, this is a disgrace.” The woman heatedly declared. [Her name was not released]

It became a “face-to-face” shouting match.

The Washington Examiner reported,

“A younger anti-Trump protester told her she did not understand history and that America was not “God-given” but “taken,” and the sacrifices of American soldiers were “bullshit.”

“Fuck this nation, it’s not a God-given nation,” the woman who identified herself as Charlise Michelle Jones told the veteran’s daughter…

“Fuck the American flag, that fucking flag is bullshit.”

Click the link for  the video of the incident.


The protesters in front of the Trump Hotel at the grand opening

Paid protesters

The protest was organized by labor unions and liberal activist groups, according to the Washington Examiner.

With this kind of incident, please remember that Veritas undercover video in which Democrats were caught on tape actually saying that they have special operatives assigned to Trump rallies and other functions explicitly for causing confrontations.

They had to know that writing on the American flag would cause a furor, and they did it on purpose. Using the words from the Trump locker room tape were sure to create an uproar at the opening of his DC hotel.

And if there were any veterans at the opening, so much the better for the paid protesters who wanted to cause trouble. Their purpose is to make Trump supporters and anyone else they happen to want to harass look bad.

The veteran’s daughter did say that she knew they had a right to have an opinion…“but don’t write it on our flag!”

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