Veterans Can’t Have Prime Jobs at the VA – Want to know why?

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Veterans Can’t Have Prime Jobs at the VA – Want to know why?

Federal Civil Service Rules say that preference must be given to veterans for jobs. They are given extra points on application that theoretically should raise them up above other applicants. But not at the Veterans Administration.  There the AFGE Union Contract precludes them from being hired for any jobs except ones that no one else wants… like janitor for example.

Don’t bother to apply

The Daily Caller reported,

At the VA, such points are apparently negated by a hard-and-fast rule that a job can’t go to anyone unless no qualified union member wants it. 

The Veterans Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA) also allows vets to apply for jobs that are otherwise only open to current employees. Thanks to the union contract, it is futile for them to apply — at least for plum positions — because the VA must consider union members first.

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Housekeeping jobs the only ones for veterans?

For the most part, the only job openings at the VA that veterans would actually be able to apply for are housekeeping/janitorial in nature. If a current union member doesn’t want the job, it can be opened up to outside people like veterans.

In a separate article, the Daily Caller wrote,

“Housekeeper is also the most frequent job being advertised for, so it goes a long way to helping the department pump up its numbers with vets. Meanwhile, job postings that are often better paid and less dirty but have similarly low educational requirements, like “motor vehicle operator,”  $67,000 secretary, and $40,000 supply clerk, are for current union members.

In other words, our nation’s veterans need not apply.

The AFGE Union – no such thing as “equal opportunity”

The American Federation of Government Employees is an AFL-CIO affiliated union. They are contracted to many Federal agencies, not just the VA, and have at least 670,000 civilian members, plus 5,000 or so in the District of Columbia.

The AFGE union is also contracted to TSA (Transportation Security Administration), the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)… about 100 Federal agencies in all are under contract to them.

Does that mean veterans are out in those agencies too? Most union contracts require that members be considered for jobs first. Though they all claim to be “equal opportunity” in nature, those rules preclude true equal opportunity.

Veterans deserve better

There are jobs available for veterans, but it’s a long, hard fight to get into them. And for the Veteran’s Administration to operate this way is a travesty. They currently advertise for 3,000 open positions, but only 50 are open to veterans.

Whether you are for unions or against them, our nation’s veterans need good paying, solid jobs when they come home. Many are highly skilled in all facets of the labor force. But when the doors are firmly locked shut, it takes a battering ram to get past them.


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