Veteran Put A Sign On His Car Asking For A Kidney- His Neighbor Saw It

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Last Christmas,  Ricky King, a Retired Army Veteran put a sign on his car, asking for help to find a kidney. This year through the kindness of a veteran neighbor, he’s getting one.

KHOU reported last year:

The Master Sergeant is retired from the military, but his biggest battle lies ahead – a rare kidney disease that has him on dialysis four hours a day, three days a week.

“That can take an actual toll on your body,” King said. “Just cleaning up around the house, I can do maybe about 5 minutes and then I’m tired.”

King has hope a donor will come through his doctor, but he can’t just sit and wait.

“Majority of the time, it’s about 3-5 years here in Texas on the transplant list before somebody can actually get a kidney,” King said.

So he’s taking matters into his own hands, and putting it out for the world to see.

“It would bring back my normalcy in my life to have an actual kidney donor,” King said.

His only Christmas wish is to have his life back, after so many years of giving it up for his country.

“I’d rather have time with my son and my family and spend time and do things with him,” King said. “I think that’s the most important thing to me.”

MSgt King, who spent 24 years in the Army, had no idea whether anyone would see the sign on his car window. But his neighbor did, and that neighbor is about to give King his life back. (MSN)

Armando Llanes is in culinary school studying to be a chef. He lives just two doors down from King. And he noticed that sign that even gave King’s blood type.

“So I just knocked on his door, introduced myself, welcomed him to the neighborhood…My son plays with his son. It hits to the core.” Armando Llanes

Armando made a nice meal of duck for Ricky King, but he also offered him a kidney. Llanes is an 8 year Army veteran.

“We will never leave a fallen soldier. We’re going to take care of our own if it needs to be…I know he’s going to take full advantage of it and enjoy his retirement.” Armando Llanes

And that’s how on December 17, after a four way swap of kidneys, Ricky King will get his life back. And the neighbors, who once didn’t know each other, are now brothers.

“It’s that brotherhood. That’s deep, embedded in each of us.” MSgt Ricky King, ret


Featured photos- screenshot via MSN/US Army. L: Ricky King, R-Armando Llanes


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