Veteran Marine Col Commits Suicide at Bay Pines VA

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Florida – Retired Marine Col James Flynn Turner IV loved the US Marine Corps. But on December 10, he donned his USMC uniform and medals, drove to Bay Pines VA Medical Center, sat down on a pile of his military records, and shot himself with a rifle.

Col. Turner left a note that read: “I bet if you look at the 22 suicides a day you will see VA screwed up in 90%. I did 20+ years, had PTSD and still had to pay over $1,000 a month health care.”

He became the 5th veteran to commit suicide at Bay Pines since 2013.  According to the article in Tampa Bay Times, Bay Pines has no answer for why. Col Turner was only 55 years old when he took his life.

The Tampa Bay Times reported,

Jim Turner flew F-18s and then became an infantry officer, taking part in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He later served in Afghanistan and spent a decade working at U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base.

He left “an enduring legacy of professionalism, commitment and superior leadership which served as a guiding force for all service members whose lives he touched,” said Edward Dorman III, a recently retired Army major general who worked with Turner at Central Command for a decade. “That’s a life worth emulating.”

The Ghosts of War

We have written many times about the ghosts of war that follow service members home from deployment. In Turner’s case, his ex-wife Jennifer says that he came home “seemingly fine” but eventually became more aggressive: it’s what led to the dissolution of their 27 year marriage. She said he began to have nightmares and woke up “screaming military stuff.” He retired in 2015, which is when the anger grew worse.

In 2016, he became so angry that he chased his son out of the house with a gun, which led to Pinellas County detaining him under the Baker Act.

His brother Jon says that Jim’s identity was lost when he retired. Both Jon and Jennifer believe that Jim may have become frustrated at not being helped at Bay Pines and left, or could have been refused outright.

Was it the wait? Was he refused? He was certainly not “crazy” (PTSD is not a mental disease, it is a physiological problem from a buildup of chemicals in the brain). Not all VA hospitals in Florida have lost veterans on their premises. But here we have yet another tragedy that has left a family grieving and children that are now without support.

There is help available, even if it doesn’t come from the VA.

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  • John Aulwes

    Israel has a very healthy success rate with PTSD. What are they doing differently?

  • Judy

    This should never happen!! He should never paid a dime!
    My husband has horrible PTSD and the Vet Center and Veterans Hospital and the American
    Legion has given and given🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    On top of all of that, TRUMP had made it possible for ALL MILITARY personnel to go to any public doctor if they want!! No questions asked!! The word needs to get out!! I do agree that once they leave the military the transition is horrible! A better way out is needed!! GOD BLESS OUR GREAT MILITARY🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸

  • Gwendoly Olmsted

    I am a little, was a little E3, now with PTSD…. from “The Wars,” 100% disabled veteran. Over educared now. Can’t really say I have much sympathy for him. BTW, I am not ALWAYS happy with Bay Pines either, ie the Dermatology Dept. Let me define little sympathy: My little upper $2,000 per month compared to his $7500 plus per month

  • Billy Kidwell

    I am a 100% Disabled Veteran. I have seen a lot of other Vietnam Vets intentionally driven to suicide by the VA. Do a search on the internet, the VA is know for being so corrupt they will do anything to steal benefits from a Disabled Veteran. For Forty-Nine Years the VA destroyed records in my VA Claim, put me on medical waiting lists (19 years to get glasses, 24 years to see a skin doctor for the bleeding Agent Orange Sores on my head that turned to pre-cancer from a lack of treatment, 17 years to see a doctor for a back injury from a rocket in Vietnam, 14 years to get treatment for P.T.S.D., I now have heart failure and can’t get a VA Doctor. German Prisoners of War were treated FAR BETTER at Fort Knox then Vietnam Veterans have been treated. The VA has driven thousands, and thousands of Vietnam Veterans to suicide with their dishonesty. Many like Colonel Turner leave suicide notes blaming the VA and the notes are kept secret, and the suicides covered up. Trump has done NOTHING to clean up the massive corruption in the VA. The swamp owns all of us. There is no democratacy, honesty, or justice. The elite, the Clintons, the Bidens, the Nancy Pelosi’s, the powerful rape our country, and the Veterans get screwed out of what they EARNED, they own us all.

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