Texas Navy Veteran Did His Duty- Called Police on His Own Son

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Austin, Texas – Theodis Daniel is a Texas Navy Veteran. His son, Cristian Daniel, went on a crime spree while he was out on probation. When he contacted his dad to brag about the items he stole in a string of car burglaries, his dad turned him in to police.

Cristian contacted his dad on FaceTime and began bragging about his stolen items. When he said, “Look at what I got,” his dad was highly upset. The 18 year old had broken into a visiting Houston Police officer’s vehicle. Cristian was on probation and was not supposed to have guns, but there on the FaceTime picture were a “neon-reflective vest, a long black flashlight, a Houston Police Department citation book, and a handgun with a box of ammunition.”

As his dad listened, the son bragged about targeting cars in parking lots and breaking into them with a tool. He had stolen several guns in addition to the one that belonged to a Houston officer. He “was treating them like a trophy,” according to Blue Lives Matter.

The dad likely felt tremendously disappointed at that point. But he knew what he had to do to save his son’s life and others.

Not an easy choice, but the right one

KEYE reported,

“That really ticked me off. For him to even have a gun, but to steal one from a police officer at that,” Daniel said.

Soon after their conversation, he called police, and turned in his son. He says he did this to protect the public and his son. “Pretty hard for me to do,” Daniel said. “This is Texas. If you break into someone’s car, they will handle you. I didn’t need someone shooting my son. I didn’t need my son shooting him, or going on a high speed chase killing himself or other people. He was compromising people’s safety and his own…”

“That was just my duty as a veteran, turn him in. Get him off the streets. He needs to sit down a little bit and figure what direction he wants to go.”

His dad didn’t bond him out, either, nor did he justify his son’s actions. He may have saved multiple lives by doing so. Cristian Daniel sits in jail on a $20,000 bond.


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