Vegas Shooter – The “Automatic Weapon”

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The death toll from Sunday’s carnage in Las Vegas has risen to 59, with the injured holding at over 500. There are many questions and piles of evidence that police must sift through to find out the motive and properly investigate this massacre. According to multiple reports, the Vegas shooter had ‘modified’ two of the weapons to be automatic. How does that work?

Stephen Craig Paddock, managed to get 23 firearms into his room at the Mandalay Bay hotel, according to updated reports. That’s a huge amount of weapons to sneak into a hotel room without being noticed. He had 19 others at his home in Mesquite, in addition to thousands of rounds of ammo.

Police have stated there was ONLY ONE shooter. The flashes of light in the video were fire alarms going off, according to a Battalion Fire Chief who viewed them.

“He’s the only shooter. If there were more there would be other windows broken out of the building. The echoes in high rise areas are notoriously hard to pin down (I’ve worked in the high rise district of Philly for about a dozen years). He used a “bump fire” attachment on at least one gun. This accounts for the somewhat uneven sound and rate of fire. It’s a poor man’s machine gun. Also the lights you see in the Mandalay Bay flashing are the fire alarm strobes. Not another shooter.”  Denny Merrigan

Bump Fire attachment

Automatic weapons are extremely difficult to purchase. And it is illegal to own one that was manufactured after May, 1986. The shooter had no connection to the military.

According to Fox News, two of the guns were ‘modified’ to make them automatic, rather than being actual automatic weapons. IJR reported that there were several ways to make a gun fire like the one in the videos.

“There are at least three ways to get that rate of fire without a machine gun. It’s not easy, you almost have to be a machinist, but it’s possible. One involves adding a crank to the gun, another is installing a bump fire stock and another, which is most certainly not what this shooter did, is a binary trigger. It certainly sounded like automatic fire, but that might be wrong.” Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation to IJR

A “bumpfire stock” system costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $99.  The following video shows how one of them works (note this is NOT the Vegas shooter, it is a ‘how to’ ad from YouTube):


The answers to that are still not fully known. According to Fox News, Paddock was viewed by his neighbors in Mesquite as “extremely standoffish.”  He had lots of money. He liked to gamble extensively, a high stakes “professional gambler.” His action was like a bombshell dropped on his family, who had no clue whatsoever that he would massacre innocent people. Police found ammonium nitrate in the suspect’s vehicle, an ingredient which can be used to make a bomb.

Rumors are running rampant across the internet about his motive. Thus far, it remains unclear. Police are still investigating, but stated that it was hard to get into the mind of a psychopath.

Featured photo: Stephen Craig Paddock

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    Not a fire alarm not the way it was lighting up and just that one room come on how stupid can we be especially considering your own officers said they seen shots coming from 4th floor and there were reports on the scanner of your own police saying possible shooter there huh get real.

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