Vancouver, Washington: Pro-Trump Truck Torched

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Vancouver, Washington – a truck bearing pro-Trump stickers was torched early Sunday morning after the owner left his vehicle in the parking lot of the Garage Bar and Grille Saturday night. The owner believes it was a politically motivated attack.

Residents heard a loud boom as flames shot up from the truck. A neighbor shot this video:

The fire department was called to the truck fire at 2:34 a.m. on Sunday.

Fox reported,

After having a few drinks at the bar in Vancouver, Wash., MacKay told the station he decided to take an Uber home and leave his truck overnight in the parking lot. He said he left his vehicle under a light in hopes that it would discourage anyone from trying to break in.

The truck had two stickers on the bumper in support of President Trump, one of which read: “TRUMP 2020.”

Truck owner, Johnny MacKay, told  KOIN-TV that he had just put the stickers on his truck that weekend because he “thought they were funny” and claimed he didn’t vote for Donald Trump.[Why anyone would put stickers on their vehicle for someone they didn’t support is a little iffy. MacKay says he supports the Oval Office. Seems odd.]

 “If you say anything that someone doesn’t like you are ultimately a target. You’re automatically the enemy and they have to hurt you.” Johnny MacKay

After the fire was put out it was noted that someone had spray painted “Trump” in white paint across the truck.

The Fire Marshal and an arson investigator will be looking into the incident. They are not stating that the motive was political, although it seems obvious.

  • nicholas abraham lopez

    Eventually when time hits roll reversal the cowards will disappear. They are pushing and push back will push harder

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