VA Secretary Nomination of Ronny Jackson Held Up – What Does the VA Need, a Combat Medic or a Bureaucrat?

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Countless veterans have faced delays, screwups and ultimately deaths because the VA has been run by bureaucrats who’ve not apparently cared about the real people in the veteran community. We’ve written on hospitals that were disgusting, wait times that were unconscionable, surgeries that went awry, and veterans who have grown so tired and sick that they’ve taken their own lives.  Congress has been dragging their feet on the nomination of Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson for VA Secretary because of allegations of a hostile work environment, improper prescriptions, even drinking on duty.  His nomination is in jeopardy, according to USA Today.

Let’s says this: he’s been the Presidential physician for three Presidents: Bush, Obama, and Trump. No one has ever complained. But all of a sudden, now he’s being accused of serious problems and his hearing has been postponed because of an investigation. It’s a typical tactic, and you only need to look at all the other nominations made by President Trump to see it. Even some veterans have said  “he’s never been in charge of a big organization.” No, but he has run a hospital.

Ronnie Jackson is a doctor first and foremost. All of the other VA Secretaries have had “Dr” in front of their names, but were not a combat medic. Jackson knows firsthand the trauma and horror of battlefield injuries. Do veterans need someone with the experience and background of a real doctor versus a bureaucrat? Are the allegations real or contrived? You can decide.

Mark Thiessen wrote in an op-ed at Fox:

“…During the 2016 campaign, Trump declared, “Veterans should be guaranteed the right to choose their doctor and clinics, whether at a VA facility or at a private medical center.” One reason David Shulkin was fired as secretary of veterans affairs (aside from his ethics violations) was his resistance to the president’s desire to expand Veterans Choice.

This is why the president’s choice of Navy Rear Adm. Ronny L. Jackson to succeed Shulkin was so inspired. Shulkin was a hospital administrator with decades of management experience, and his predecessor Robert McDonald was chairman, president and CEO of Procter & Gamble. And yet on their watch, Jason White and countless other veterans fell through the cracks.

Jackson understands what veterans such as White are going through because he has been a combat medic in the field treating severely injured warriors. He served in Taqaddum, Iraq, as an emergency physician in charge of resuscitative medicine for a forward-deployed surgical shock trauma platoon. He has been there when a helicopter landed carrying a solider whose body had been torn apart by an IED, and he’s been covered in their blood as he struggled to stabilize them and save their lives.

No other nominee to run VA has seen the plight of our wounded warriors in the war on terrorism up close like he has. Jackson understands what our vets went through on the battlefield, because he was on the battlefield with them. He understands their mental and physical wounds, because he has treated them.”

It may be too late to save his nomination.

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