VA Banned Boy Scouts From Placing Flags on Memorial Day

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The VA banned Boy Scouts from placing American flags on the graves of our fallen this Memorial Day. It’s a tradition that goes back decades. But not this year, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs has ruled that no groups, not even the Boy Scouts, will be allowed to place flags on the graves of veterans…because of COVID-19. But the move has prompted backlash.

Let’s think about this: the best place to be safe from the COVID-19 virus is outside. The most dangerous place to be is inside. According to New York stats, 66% of those who have died of the virus were inside of nursing homes, VA facilities, or their own homes. INSIDE. (Daily Mail)

Fox wrote:

On Long Island, N.Y., where more than 500,000 veterans are buried at two national military cemeteries, there are demands for the VA to reconsider and rescind the ban.

“If we can’t figure out a way to make sure we are placing flags at their graves to honor them, then something is seriously wrong,” said Suffolk County executive Steve Bellone, whose county includes the sprawling Calverton and Long Island National Cemeteries, which hold more veterans than any other military cemetery in the nation, including Arlington National Cemetery.

Bellone is confident that officials can carry out a plan that would keep the Scouts safe.

“What we’re asking the VA to do is, rather than have a blanket policy across the country, allow the national cemeteries at the local level, to make this determination in conjunction with the local health department,” he told Fox News. “We will take the responsibility to say that this flag placement plan meets the state and national guidelines but give us that opportunity to do it, allow us to honor our fallen heroes.”

Hopefully, the VA will change its ridiculous decision.Whatever the group, whether Boy Scouts or others, the placement of flags to honor the fallen on Memorial Day is actually what the holiday is all about. It’s not about  backyard BBQs, or camping trips, or parties, it’s about honoring those who have given their lives for our nation. Surely they will change their position?

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  • Pat White

    Virginia officials have lost their pledge to the state and our country. Their lives are a lie for they are up to no good. Underneath their skin is a snake of the devil endeavoring to bring down the government of the USA so there would be no memory of those who died in the defense of our nations freedom and constitutional rights .

    • Adrian Gordon

      Idiot! Nobody is talking about Virginia, which you would have known if you had taken just one minute to read the article before commenting.

  • Thomas Wityak

    I think the article refers to the Veterans Organization, not Virginia. I could be wrong

  • America Strong

    Regardless of who is behind the ban it is completely ridiculous. It’s OK the shop at your local grocery or big box store but it’s not OK for boy scouts to walk around a cemetery outside to place flags on the graves of the fallen? The COVID-19 pandemic has really shined a light how our freedom has diminished and how unpatriotic our electorate has become. I am extremely concerned about how much of the America that I love and defended for over 20 years in the Navy will remain for my children and grandchildren.

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