Utah Officers Shot at Traffic Accident, 1 Suspect Dead, 1 at Large

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Utah Officers Shot at Traffic Accident Scene, 1 Suspect Dead, 1 at Large

One veteran Utah police officer is dead, and another is in the hospital with 3 gunshot wounds after they responded to a traffic accident in Holladay, Utah. One suspect is also dead, and the other, a female, is at large. Police are searching for her.

Routine Traffic accident that was anything but routine

Officer Doug Barney and Officer John Richey responded to a report of a traffic accident. When they arrived, a couple fled from a black BMW at the scene. The officers pursued them on foot and a firefight ensued in which both officers were shot. Barney sustained a fatal shot to the head. Richey was hit three times, and underwent surgery. Reports say he is in stable condition and improving.

Scene of the Utah officer shooting – Twitter photo

The shooter, Cory L. Henderson, was shot and killed by other officers responding to the scene. His female companion is being sought by police. Henderson was wanted on state and federal warrants, and was known to carry firearms.

Uncooperative relatives

After the altercation, two people showed up at the scene and were identified as the mother and brother of Henderson. They became uncooperative and were also arrested. Police stated they had to use a taser on the brother.

The hunt for the female

An intense manhunt has ensued for the female. Police stated that she could be anywhere by now, but they warned people in the area just in case.

“Our suggestion would be shelter in place, stay inside if you can. I know there may be people travelling from church, which is okay, but if they could at all help it, try to limit their being outside. We’re going to have police canines in the area and helicopters. The more we can eliminate interference by these other people, and concentrate on the one person we’re looking for, it makes it a lot easier.” Lt. Lex Bell

Officer Doug Barney

Unified Police Department Officer Doug Barney was a cancer survivor and father of 3. He had been a school resource officer in his 18 year career. He becomes the first police officer to be killed in the line of duty in 2016.


R.I.P. Officer Doug Barney – End of Watch 1-17-2016

Salt Lake City Police are investigating the incident.


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