Utah Child Pledged Allegiance when no one was watching

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Utah – Wyatt Warner is 7 years old. He rode his small motorbike up to his neighbor’s doorstep. Before ringing the doorbell, he stopped, placed his hand over his heart and recited the pledge of allegiance to the flag flying on the neighbor’s house. After he rang the doorbell, he stood and watched the flag flying in the breeze. It was all caught on surveillance video. He pledged allegiance when no one was looking.

What do your children do when no one is around, when they don’t think anyone is watching? Wyatt pledged allegiance to the flag when he thought no one was looking…a rare and amazing act.

Wyatt’s mother, Jami, told Fox News,

“He doesn’t pledge allegiance, that I am aware of, other than at school … or at an event. I can’t remember a time when he did this on his own…Sometimes we are only looking at them when we notice they are doing something wrong and we need to correct it. I wish I could see what my other two do when I am not looking…

I wish I could show it to every parent who feels like what they teach their kids goes in one ear and out the other. We try to teach our three kids about how lucky they are to live in this country and about the men and women who have served and died for our freedom.” Jami Warner

Wyatt brings to all of us a smattering of hope for the next generations of Americans. Patriotism has been relegated to name calling – everything from “Nazis” to “racists.” The flag for whom our military and our ancestors fought has been desecrated, burned, torn down, ripped up, and even treated as a “decoration.”

Our children must never forget what the American flag stands for, even though various groups want to destroy it. Wyatt’s pledge was more than the act of a child who had no idea anyone was watching… it was a reminder that there are some who listen, some who have good parents.  It is hoped that those children will grow up to be the future of America, not the socialists, Communists who seem to dominate the news.


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