UT Austin Anarchists Threaten to Dox Conservative Students

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UT Austin anarchists are threatening to reveal the personal information of any student who attempts to join the groups TPUSA- Turning Point USA- or the YCT- Young Conservatives of Texas. Known as “doxxing,” the revealing of addresses, telephone numbers, etc. can put people in harm’s way. The anarchists believe that the Conservative students are a threat.

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One group claimed that when a fire alarm was pulled at the new TPUSA meeting, people fled outside and they were able to listen to conversations and gain information. It is highly likely that they were the ones that pulled the fire alarm in the first place.

“Two weeks ago, the new chapter of Turning Point USA at UT hosted their first meeting. It was interrupted for a while by a fire alarm, forcing the meeting to move outside–where it was easy to see and overhear their conversation. We’ve gathered intelligence about what exactly happened at this meeting, who is involved in TPUSA, and what TPUSA’s emergence on campus means. We encourage you to share this article with your professors, TAs, classmates, and other networks. This is an extremely relevant issue for anybody that is progressive or left-leaning, who could be at risk of being targeted by this group.” Austin Autonomedia

The group is not only targeting current members of the Conservative groups, they are also aiming at incoming Freshmen to prevent them from joining any campus Conservatives.

The University claims that the anarchists are not affiliated with UT, and “should not be purporting to be.” Two people from the “Autonomous Student Network” were arrested at a recent TPUSA event, according to Breitbart.

“Students should never be targeted or face harassment for their affiliations, political beliefs or any other reason. The anonymous group behind this doxxing is not affiliated with the university, is not a registered student group and should not present itself in that way… As they did last fall, University Police are continuing to work to ensure the safety of any targeted students and monitor for any potential criminal acts.” Shilpa Bakre , UT Austin spokesperson.

These are Communist groups, the UT Austin anarchists. They are the very thing they claim to be against. Intimidation is terrorism. The attempt to control everyone and force them to follow their thoughts is terrorism. It’s one thing to allow freedom, quite another to allow these anarchists to destroy the rights and endanger the lives of others. Don’t be fooled by the re-defining of terms!

Featured photo: Autonomous Student Network Twitter photo

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  • Jim

    Sickening how much longer are we gonna idly set by and watch these whimps act Like their tuff?

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