US Relocating Incirlik and Al-Udaid Air Bases? CENTCOM Denies

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the US has “scaled back” combat operations out of Incirlik Airbase in Turkey. Debka reports say that Al-Udaid Airbase in Qatar is being moved to Saudi Arabia, after the Crown Prince met with Trump on March 20. But US Central Command denies it all.

The current rift with Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan over his policy of eradicating the Kurds has pushed a wedge between the US and Turkey as NATO “allies.” On March 18, Turkish forces claimed to have taken the city of Afrin from the YPG- Kurdish Peshmerga. No amount of talking seems to have moved Turkey from believing that the Peshmerga are allies of the terrorist PKK Kurdish group.

In January, we reported that Turkey had been targeting areas of Syria near where US forces were working. It’s a rift between the US and Turkey that seems to have created a problem.

Military Times reported,

Although the base has been a critical launching pad for the air campaign against the Islamic State, the opposing objectives of the U.S. government and that of Turkish President Recep Erdogan have driven the two NATO allies apart.

Erdogan has focused his efforts away from ISIS’ remaining strongholds and towards the Kurdish enclave in Afrin, Syria, against the wishes of U.S. officials. The enclave houses Kurdish militias that Turkey views as allies of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, a separatist group within Turkey.

Informal restrictions by the Turkish military that make using the runway at Incirlik difficult, along with a deteriorating relationship between the two governments, contributed to a decision to scale back operations at the base…

It’s tough to fight the rampant rumors, however, and the pressure to leave is mounting. The Debka File alleged that the US is looking at moving Al-Udaid to 117CW in Andravida, Greece. Gulf News Media reported on March 12, that Congress was reviewing the moving proposal. The contract between Qatar and the use of Al-Udaid expires in 2023. It is unlikely that the airbase would move prior to the end of the contract.

Qatar is well known for financing terrorists. Turkey has malfunctioned in its relationship to the US by targeting our allies and endangering our troops. Some say our airbases are “flanked” by the hostile forces.

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