US Military Shuts Down Independence Day Celebrations in Japan

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US Military Shuts Down Independence Day Celebrations in Japan

The US Naval Forces Command in Japan has shut down the celebration of the 4th of July in Japan with fireworks or concerts. Keep in mind that US Military bases in foreign countries are the property of the United States of America. Much like US Embassies, they are places of US sovereignty.navalforcesjapan

This is more than political correctness. This is submission. The Navy Command has now bowed their knee to a foreign government in a huge way. This is a mistake.

Of course what occurred on Okinawa was a tragedy. It is the responsibility of each military service person who screws up to reap the consequences of their actions. Though it isn’t Japan’s FAULT for the incidents, and it’s on the individual to be responsible,  there are some things that should be addressed.

An atmosphere of temptation?

One issue that is never discussed is the fact that Japan has a huge sex trade, often run by the Yakuza. The Yakuza are a crime syndicate prevalent throughout Japan, and operate much like the Mafia in the United States.

According to Rick Ferran, who was deployed to Okinawa twice, the presence of whore houses, and places like “The Stage” where men go to have sex on a stage in front of an audience is a  huge temptation – and feeds whatever problems have been brought to the surface by the incidents such as rapes of women or the death of a Japanese national. These types of incidents have been ongoing for many years.

“The Japanese have strip clubs, whore houses and all types of various erotic shows to bring in troops who are bored and are looking to experience their so-called “culture.”

So, not everything in Japan is within the norm of our culture, especially when some of these clubs are run by the Yakuza mafia who kidnap foreign models and hold them hostage until they have worked for them for a year – to work in the sex trade and available for the troops. People don’t want to talk about that and or the media and commanding officers the shit that goes down outside of the bases.

 So, when you have that type of environment, you are increasing the actual numbers of incidents that could not happen otherwise.” Rick Ferran, USMC

The reactions to COMNAV’s decision

The Naval Command Facebook page had numerous reactions to the decision to shut down the Independence Day celebrations. Most of them were angry:

Nick posted: This is ridiculous, being a sailor in the 7th fleet I fully understand what happened and I understand that we need to not let anything like this happen again.
With that being said, we should still be able to celebrate our independence the way Americans do.. Absolutely ridiculous we are being told how to celebrate this honorary day.

HillariW posted: “Fireworks and celebrations are American tradition, one that we, as service members and family members who are away from our families and so far from home, look forward to all year round. It helps our community come together as a proud, patriotic group and it’s a way to teach our children why we celebrate our nation’s birthday. Taking this away is a slap in the face, it’s a disgrace. We want to be proud to be Americans and should be able to celebrate our independence.

Having fireworks and celebrations is also not only for us, as Americans, it’s also a good way to share our traditions with the Japanese people. Many Japanese nationals also look forward to being able to view our fireworks, cancelling them prevents a chance for us to come together for a positive cause…”

The positive effects of everyone enjoying the 4th of July is now shut down. What effect will this have on our military members stationed in Japan?

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