US Military Apache Helicopter crashes in Galveston Bay

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A National Guard Apache helicopter based at Ellington Field crashed off El Jardin Beach in Galveston Bay near LaPorte, Texas this afternoon. The U.S. Coast Guard is on scene looking for the two man crew.

UPDATE: Officials say there were no survivors in the crash, and names are being withheld until next of kin is notified. The cause is still under investigation.

The Dallas News reported that the debris field was spread out over a section of the bay, along with a thick oil slick.

Witnesses stated that helicopter flights through that area are routine. But this time, they heard an explosion and watched the helicopter break apart in mid-air.

The helicopter carried a two man crew. Witnesses found what appears to be part of the main rotor mechanism, and part of the rotor blade on shore.

Ellington Field is home to the Texas Air National Guard’s 147th Reconnaissance Wing. It is a joint installation shared by various active component and reserve component military units, as well as aircraft flight operations of NASA.

The Apache helicopters are attack helicopters, and carry a formidable array of guns and missiles. The Apache was named in 1981, and its first use in combat was 1989.

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