US Marine Shot While on Weekend Leave

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Carlos Segovia was only 19 years old, and was in the Marine Corps for just 6 months. On weekend leave from Camp Pendleton, he was shot in the head at around 11:30 p.m. in South Los Angeles. He was found slumped over and unconscious in his Dodge Charger on Friday.

Not gang-related

ABC7 reported,

“According to LAPD Media Relations officials, Carlos Segovia was shot once in the head near 31st Street and Western Avenue at about 11:30 p.m. Friday. Police said a vehicle pulled up beside his, and a suspect or suspects opened fire.

Segovia was not in uniform when he was shot, according to authorities.”

Segovia was reportedly not connected to any gangs and police do not believe the shooting was gang related.  He was a leader in his community, motivating young people to do the right thing with their lives. He volunteered with Cloud 9, an organization that helps the homeless and animals.

He and his mother came to the United States from El Salvador, both are U.S. Citizens.

The Lance Corporal was declared brain dead on Sunday.

Police say they have nothing to go on.

“At this point, it’s absolutely a mystery. Like so many cases in South L.A., we have nothing to go on at this point.” Captain Peter Whittingham, LAPD


“They shot a Marine”

The LA Times reported,

Students from USC Troy Camp, where Segovia once served as junior counselor for children in South Los Angeles, have set up a fundraiser to help his family pay for medical expenses.

“He was a motivator,” [Claudia] Perez said. “He was very positive. If you said you couldn’t do it, he said, ‘Yes, you can.’”

She pleaded with members of the public to come forward with information about the killing.

“They shot a Marine. They shot a community leader,” Perez said. “It was not gang-on-gang violence like you normally see on South L.A. streets. He left a base to see his family and was murdered in the streets.”

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